President Obama refuses to send troops to Iraq: Do you think the United States should use airstrikes against Iraqi militants?

  • Yes he should be participating in the fight.

    The war started with an american building coming to the ground. The U.S. was attacked we can not just say it was terrorists. This is a war and wars are fought in air, water, and LAND. The fact that Obama sees that he can not back out is good but when he pulled out our troops he made the wrong decision. Once he pulled troops out the land is now able to be taken back by ISIS. This is why we where their, to prevent the Terror from spreading. He is at least using Air but he needs a lot more.

  • People need help.

    Yes, I think that the United States should use air strikes against Iraqi militants, because we went into Iraq and upset their political system. We put the government in place in Iraq in the first place. If their government is not powerful enough to keep hold of their country, we need to help prop them up.

  • The USA should support civilians

    This is the problem with the USA. They caused the problem when they attacked Iraq because Saddm Hoesein did not fit their plans for global dominance. When it became a mess they leave the people to look after themselves. I think the USA should send trillions of dollars to Iraq, Lybia and the likes to help them get out of the mess the USA left them in.

  • America Can't Always Save the Day

    America needs to learn that other countries need to sort out their own problems. They have spent many years within Iraq trying to quell these Islamist terror groups, the most that should be sent now is humanitarian aid to help the people affected. Support and advice to Iraq's government may help, but rushing back in would help nothing in the long run.

  • Stay out of it

    Let Iraq deal with it. We already have a large national debt problem and we just got out military out of Iraq. It will eventually solve itself. We cannot save Iraq this time. .. . .. . .. . . . . .. ..... . .. . . . .

  • Obama is doing the right thing

    We spent plenty of time in Iraq and its clear that we were not able to effective make change. I think its important that the people of Iraq take the matters into their own hands. It bothers me greatly the number of American Soldiers that have been killed in Iraq, and the country is still facing great difficulties.

  • No, airstrikes is not the solution.

    No, the United States should not use airstrikes against Iraqi militants. Whether troops are sent, or airstrikes are used, the issues in Iraq will not be resolved solely based on this decision. Iraq, or any country in the same situation, has the responsibility to come up with a solution and solve its own problems. Interference from an aiding country may provide some help in the short term, but long term change is in the hands of those who hold power in Iraq.

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