President Obama: 'We don't have a domestic spying program.' Do you believe him?

  • Yes I do.

    When President Obama said that "We don't have a domestic spying program", I did believe him. There is not hard evidence of such a thing, as while there is some slight monitoring going on, it does not constitute as spying. There are people who disagree, and that is their right, even though they are wrong.

  • He's brainwashed himself

    Or by the corporate money in his pocket. I believe him in the form that I believe he really thinks that it isn't spying. It's looking out for terrorists. When you're defending mass, bulk surveillance that is clearly unconstitutional, you HAVE to take the mentality that it really isn't 'spying'.

  • I don't believe him, but give the poor guy a break.

    Sure, I don't believe he is telling the complete truth with that, but give the poor man a break! He busted his butt to be elected your PRESIDENT. And he is STILL busting his butt to GOVERN the COUNTRY. I don't see any of you having that high of a position.

  • How stupid does he think we are?

    If there's anything that Snowden's NSA leaks have revealed, it's that the U.S. Has a MASSIVE domestic spying program. Obama was lying through his teeth. And this coming from the man who, in 2007, proclaimed: "I will provide our intelligence and law enforcement agencies with the tools they need to track and take out the terrorists without undermining our Constitution and our freedom. That means no more illegal wiretapping of American citizens. No more national security letters to spy on citizens who are not suspected of a crime. No more tracking citizens who do nothing more than protest a misguided war. No more ignoring the law when it is inconvenient." What a liar and a hypocrite.

  • That is not true.

    If everything was known to the public. The Government would easily have a breach of compromise going on. It would be blackmailed non stop to other countries who can humiliate them by having access to all this information. To say there are no secret in the Government is saying "We are Gullible"

  • All evidence is to the contrary.

    Let's see: on the "YES" side, we have Obama's word. On the "NO" side, we have a whistleblower who alleges that the NSA spied on citizens, the NSA's admission that those allegations are true, and law enforcement agencies who have admitted to using "parallel construction" to mask their use of 4th Amendment violations in ordinary, domestic investigations. Obama is a liar and a tyrant. I didn't think it could worse after Bush. I was wrong.

  • He Is a Proven Liar

    Obama has lied about everything he's been involved in since he became President. He represents the sleaziest of Chicago politics. He'll say anything to get his way and then stab allies in the back. "We don't have a domestics spying program" ranks with his other bald-faced lies like "You will be able to keep your doctor."

  • Of course we do

    It is targeting U.S. Civilians by tracking their phone numbers. The NSA has overstepped its boundaries as a government organization and deserves reprimands. If NSA isn't, why is there a man being persecuted for leaking information about it? Surely he didn't do it for personal gain. Tracking our own citizens is a level of paranoia that totalitarian governments had resorted to.

  • Snowden Indicates That It Is Lie

    I believe that there are programs in the United States government that do implement procedures for domestic spying. This has become 100% obvious and known fact with the documents that Edward Snowden released via the media. It is one of the reasons he is receiving so much bad press from our government, because they wanted to keep these programs secret.

  • We do have a domestic spying program

    President Obama is not the first American President in the past few decades who has outright lied to the public, and he probably won't be the last. Right now the NSA is collecting metadata of numerous subscribers to Internet and cell phone services through a program called PRISM, a covert operation revealed to the public by a true American hero, Edward Snowden. When President Obama says that they're not spying, he's using semantics. If that's not spying, I don't know what is.

  • No I do not

    It is so hard to tell for sure if he is telling the truth or not and then there is the possibility that he may think that is the truth but there could be other agencies out there that are doing things illegally without the presidents knowledge, but it is hard to say for sure.

  • I don’t believe Obama when he says that America doesn’t have a domestic spying program.

    I don’t believe Obama when he says that America doesn’t have
    a domestic spying program. He’s just lying. That’s what every President in history has
    done. Certain things have to be done in
    the name of national security. But,
    Obama can’t tell America that or people will literally go crazy.

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