President Obama's ISIL Speech: Should US resources go to fighting another war against a terrorist organization?

  • Yes, we have no choice

    I really feel that ISIL is becoming more of a threat and something needs done. I think of sending a bunch of troops over for a long period of time, we need to do quick strikes. I think we need to do a lot of air bombings of where we think they are.

  • I LOVE diplomatic solutions, but you can't argue with insanity.

    We, as the last superpower, have a responsibility to those people who are less powerful. There is a moral imperative for the strong to defend the weak. I would expect my son to defend a younger classmate from a bully, and I expect my country to defend a less powerful people from a bully.

    I don't want to send someone's baby to die half a world away. I can feel her pain, his mother's pain, at the very idea of it. No one wants that, but I have to empathize with another mother, that mother who is shielding her 3-year old from bullets and shrapnel on Mount Sinjar.
    We have a responsibility to those who cannot do what we can do. Somewhere in north Iraq, a mother with a one year old, the Iraqi version of me, is shielding her baby from bullets. We need to go get her back. Because we can, and no one else will, so we must.

  • No Choice Left

    In retrospect, it is easy to see how the leadership vacuum in the Middle East has led to the resurgence of Al-Qaeda and th creation of ISIL. There is no alternative left other than to take the fight to the terrorists. We can't leave people stranded to deal with ISIL. US resources, and the world, must respond.

  • I agree on this war on terror

    I am normally one to say let them kill each other and the US stays out of it, but in this case I am all for storming over there. The beheading of American's cannot be tolerated and for once in my life I agree with Obama. We need to stand up and take action on this fight.

  • They need to go

    While I'm largely against getting into another conflict, this group has to go. It threatens not just the United States but the entire planet, it cannot be ignored. It's amazing it's taken this long for a proposal for such a large alliance against it to form, this should be a global top priority.

  • No, we shouldn't support the War on Terror, unless we are asked by the UN or the country in question.

    The war on terror has no defined goals of completion. There will always be some kind of terrorist, therefore we have engaged ourselves in an eternal war. We are destroying our name abroad, and creating more hate for Americans all over the world, which causes more people to be angry enough to be violent, making them terrorists, who then attack Americans and continue the War on Terror. However, if we're invited, most of the world will have a favorable opinion of us for helping. You have to understand that, as-is, they think WE'RE the terrorists.

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