Presidential recount: Should all 50 States conduct a recount of the Presidential election?

  • Yes they should

    There would definitely not be any harm in recounting all 50 states after the voting for the Presidential Election. I absolutely believe that - even though overall the decision was definitely not the decision I would have chosen - there should be a democracy, but in this case definitely. He after all did say that if Clinton won then it would have been fixed, what's to say he has not done the same.

  • No, they should leave the votes alone.

    This nation always does this when whiners don’t like something. Why allow people to vote someone into office and then go back and try to find a reason for it to be wrong or “rigged”? I don’t believe anything was rigged. I think the person who won was meant to win. They need to just accept it.

  • No, there should not be a recount of the Presidential election in all 50 states.

    No, there should not be a recount of the Presidential election in all 50 states. There is not enough evidence of problems in all 50 states to warrant a recount. However, if evidence of wrong doing is found in the Wisconsin recount or otherwise, then a recount may be necessary.

  • A national recount is unecessary and futile

    The result in the Electoral college was decisive. It is extremely unlikely that any recount is going to change the Electoral result in any one State, let alone in enough States to change the ultimate outcome. Government, especially at the local level, has very limited resources and even if a campaign paid for the costs of the recount the impact on local government would be significant.

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