Presupposing that Christianity is true, did Jesus Christ die for everybody (yes) or die for the elect only (no)?

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  • Though it has no point.

    I always thought it was a bit odd how they say that Jesus died to pay for the sins of man. If heaven is better than life on earth and much better than hell, how is going to heaven payment for sins that would put mankind in hell? I could see if he was sentenced to hell for eternity but to the best of my knowledge he went to heaven. How is his reward of heaven payment? This would be like if everyone owed $1,000 in taxes and that debt was paid by giving one person $1 million.

  • Depends on what you think the Bible means when God says that God is willing that none should perish, but all should come to repentance.

    Christ died and rose again for the elect only, yes only the elect.

    But who are the elect, exactly?
    The elect are those who God has chosen to be saved.

    Yet, God's desire is that all are saved.
    The Bible is clear that most will not be saved.

    So, the question comes again, who are the elect, exactly?

    Well, remember the parable of the seeds that were cast about by the sower, some landing on rocky soil, some shallow soil, some amongst weeds, and some on fertile soil?

    Remember, each of the others eventually died except that which fell on fertile soil.

    The seed is the message.

    The soil is us, the people who are told the message.

    Tell me, which soil would you say was the "elect" soil of the farmer?
    Would it be the rocky soil, the shallow soil, or perhaps the weed-grown soil? Of course not, because none of them produce anything for the farmer.

    It's the fertile soil that is the "elect" soil of the farmer, is it not? Of course it is.

    So, who are the elect then of God? Wouldn't it be those who fit the profile of the "elect"/fertile soil in the parable,

    those who choose to take the message to heart and commit to Christ for salvation? Wouldn't they be the elect of God?

    Christ did not die for those who refuse to accept Him. Christ made this clear when He talked about those who refused to accept Him, the priests and teachers of the law. Christ said that He does not come for the healthy, but for the sick and infirm, which means for those who need salvation from Hell.

    Of course the Priests and teachers of the law needed salvation, but they did not think that they needed salvation, therefore Christ did not come for them, for they think they are healthy.

    It is the same for us.

    Christ died for the elect, and only the elect, however, that is only because the elect are those who recognize their need for Christ and choose to come to Him.

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