• Preteen models career

    To me I think it's a great idea for young little girls to do modelling and show their talent but sometimes I heard it can lead to other things as they grow older like doing adult porn movies or photo shoots.. I know of someone that their 7 year old girl was doing modelling but then I saw nudes of her posing in erotic ways and I'm thinking wow she does look very pretty.
    It's their choice what they want to do I think and if they want to do nude photo shoots then I think it should be ok.
    After all the body is a beautiful thing to look at and who wouldn't want to flaunt the sexy cute body and show their cute tight pussy.

  • This is just weird

    Reading your argument, it seems like you're on my side! Thanks.

    Even though you're talking about "it's their choice" it shouldn't be because at that age is when things happen like peer pressure or whatever. If adults want to show their body in nude magazines or whatever, so be it. But a preteen doing that isn't healthy for the child and is just a terrible idea and will ruin their innocent childhood. Also, something society tends on doing these days is sexualizing our children which leads that to you talking about what they do later on in their life. Kids should be able to have a normal childhood and they shouldn't waste it. Kids clothing I understand but the need to powder their faces with makeup or strapless tops or whatever tells them that it's what normal people do and how they dress in the catalogs is how they should dress like in everyday life.

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