Pretty Little Liars: Has Pretty Little Liars run its course and become too mature for it's target audience?

  • Who can keep up!

    Its been going on for 7 years with so many plot twists and story lines that when the big reveal of AD finally comes I think most people will not remember half the things AD has done...Re-watching and looking for clues is pointless as the last reveals were just random characters that the audience weren't really bothered by!

  • Pretty Little Liars, Time to Let them Go

    I think that the show Pretty Little Liars has run its course and become to mature for it's target audience. The show has gone on for too long. The show is suppose to be for a teen age group and now the characters have aged to a young adult stage. I think that after a show like this has ran for so long, the producers and following should let it go. It should not be renewed for an 8th season.

  • Yes, Pretty Little Liars has run its course and is running out of story lines.

    Yes, I agree that the show Pretty Little Liars is becoming too mature for its target audience because the show has exhausted the story lines that are appropriate for this age group. The show has run for too long and has become too repetitive and unrealistic, especially for its target audience.

  • It Should be Canceled

    Pretty Little Liars should be canceled. This is because its original audience is a little older now. Many children and teens coming up now do not even watch standard TV. Often they are playing video games, using apps, or even watching Netflix. The old audience is growing up and outgrowing the show as well.

  • Know What You Watch BEFORE you Watch

    Pretty Little Liars has a target audience, and that audience has learned to mature with the show as long as it has run its course...and although the audience has matured, and possible "new comers" have joined the watch, it is vital as teens, parents, and adults to know what you are tuning into before you accept watching. If this isn't for you, or has become too mature, the beauty of shows...turn the channel!

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