Pride is for fools who think they are in control and think that they choose their destiny. Agreed?

Asked by: steffon66
  • We spend our entire lives learning about how we should act.

    And most people die before they figure that out. It sees like every day we learn something new that if we knew in the past we would have done something else entirely. So we are too ignorant to have free will for one. We could still have free will but we might as well not have it in that case. Also if you drink alcohol or do any drugs your will will be different than it would have been had you not did the drug. So obviously there are physical causes for our will because when you change a mentally ill persons meds their will changes. The our will seems to any rational person to be the result of the laws of nature just like everything else. There is not a single piece of evidence for free will yet everyone believes it just because it seems that way. But almost nothing is as it seems. Funny how people only use sayings like that when they are convenient and ignore sayings like that when it isnt convenient. I look at man kind and wander why on earth do they even want to believe in a perfect and just god while they are so horrible. They are so lazy in their thinking that they will accept whatever morality their parents give them and almost never question it only questioning it when it goes against their desires. People use their likes and dislikes to come up with their moralities. They dont like black people they say they are superior to them because god cursed them and they are only here to be subservient to the white man. We want land we convince everyone that the indians or whoever are less than human as if that would justify doing such horrible things to them and stilling there land. We are most certainly not lead by purpose we are lead by our feelings and desires which are vague reminiscences of ideas we heard as children and thats a proven fact. Our conscience is our feelings. Most like to think its something more than that but that is crap.

  • Free will is a question of semantics, What is the "Self" that has or has not free will?

    What is the "self"? Is the relevant question. If everything is physical then so is the "Self" and if the "physical causes" ARE the self, not the cause of the self but identical to the self then we do have free will. But if they are not identical to the self then while we may not have free will our will is not determined either, instead the entire question of having a "will" (free or not) is meaningless and "self" does not exist at all.

    What is the "self"? There is no straight correct answer, it's a matter of semantics. But then why not define yourself as all of physics in which ever ways in which it manifests in your behavior? It's the most empowering way of defining "self" since by that definition you have absolute free will, since then physical causes leading to your behavior is the exact same thing as you deciding your behavior since rather than you being the outcome of the physical causes you ARE the physical causes.

    Indeed the only way we can say you are the outcome of the physical causes is to equate the self with the physical events at only the end of the causal chain and not consider any events prior to be the "self", but if we are not the events that made us then what are we?

  • Choice is Obtainable

    Especially if you don't mind breaking norms and societal rules. Pride itself can be aimed at many things- This one is about control. Yes fellas- someone in almost all cases is in control. Adults pride themselves on being older than kids, and put themselves in control for that. While no, they aren't always right (despite their annoying claims), they derive their power from the experience they do have an use it to control children. Businesses? Their owners can pride themselves on the "choices" they made and the hard work they had to do to get to that controlling position. A person can be prideful for anything and believe they have some claim to "control" when it relates to their pride. It's not always a bad thing, though it can be, nut no. I would not consider all prideful people fools, or to a larger extent prideful controllers to be fools. They had to be smart to get there anyways, am I right? Or they had an ignorant or equally proud audience that put them in control. Some ol' same ol'.

  • Did you think this through?

    Pride is what you have in anything, and hopefully everything, you do at any point in time. If you really think pride is for fools, please pass the community your real name and birthday so potential employers have ample warning available that you will NEVER take pride in your job because you have no idea what pride even is.

  • Cowardice is for those that follow the rules.

    The truth is that you can decide your own fate, at any moment, you can decide to leave this world. No one will protect you, except you. There is a thing called good, which demands self sacrifice, not for your chosen lord, but just for the sake of goodness. Cheers!

  • Pride is freaking awesome

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