Prime Minister David Cameron promises more autonomy to Scotland: Will he keep his word?

  • Really who knows

    I feel like he is just making promises, but maybe he had a contract drafted up. So really, who actually knows? Big wigs make promises all the time and don't keep them, or kind of keep them but theres some sort of loophole to what they promised and it's different.

  • Cameron Has No Choice

    The Scottish people have taken David Cameron and the UK opposition parties at their word. Promises have been made to Scotland to provide more autonomy, particularly over the nuclear issue, and those promises must be kept. It wouldn't take much to hold another referendum in ten years, and unfulfilled promises would put independence over the top.

  • Yes Cameron has to keep word on Scotland.

    David Cameron must keep his word and give Scotland more autonomy. He has not other choice at this point. The vote on independence was extremely close, all things considered, and Cameron can't risk another vote that would likely give the country independence. He needs to give the country more autonomy no matter what now.

  • Cameron`s Promises Are Mere Post-referendum Talking

    I don`t expect Prime Minister David Cameron to keep his promises on more autonomy for Scotland. Scotland already has a significant autonomy in most legal, monetary and education matters. Even the Queen is a Catholic, while spending time in the country. Cameron`s talking is just political blur articulation to calm down the voters that choose the No option in the referendum. I expect some insignificant, minor changes, but the big picture will stay the same.

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