Prince George at eight months: Is too much media attention given to the royal family?

  • Yes, I think too much media attention is given to the Royal family.

    I believe that overall the day and age of Royalty has long come and gone and should no longer exist in modern society, I think there is too much attention paid by the media of these people and I think that if the media focused on more important topics then the "Royal Family" would eventually fade away.

  • Yes, too much media attention is being given

    Yes, I think the Royal family is given too much media attention. Although I know many people follow such news but I think they also have the right to keep some things private. It is not a nice thing to invade in other peoples private matters and same goes for the royal family.

  • Yes, there is too much attention on the royal family.

    Since the wedding and the birth of Prince George, the media has consistently broadcast every single detail of the couples life to the world, from fashion choices to hairstyles. I believe that there is way too much media coverage for such a n event. If this was your family, would you want them watching your every move?

  • Bearing in mind that, only a couple hundred years ago, monarchs were generally treated like demi-gods, I'd say not at all.

    I think if an alien came to earth on a scavenger hunt and one of the things on their list was "the royal family", the Kardashians would be going on a vacation to Mars. Celebrity is the new royalty. I'm eighteen and I've never heard friends or classmates talk about the royal family. Of course, I'm also American, so there's that... But the only time I've heard anybody in my own life really display any interest in them was when a few much older coworkers were briefly wondering aloud what the prince was going to be named. And that's about it. Royalty doesn't bear the same meaning that it did way back in the day.

  • No, it's traditional for the royal family to receive attention.

    No, I don't think too much media attention is given to the royal family. The royal family has had to deal with the media for so long that they would probably feel slighted if there was a sudden decrease in media attention. I think they are used to having their lives displayed for the "commoners". Prince George will need to get used to it.

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kensman says2014-05-14T11:47:51.643
The royal family should please, keep some of their affairs private. There are a lot of classless people, suffering and dying in poverty, these people should be given more media attention