• Peach is the absolute queen!

    We would all go for Princess Toadstool let's be honest. Going for Amy the Hedgehog is the furry answer. Everyone over there are f***ing furriers and should not be trusted. Watch out please, They are sick sick people. Peach is a sexy white woman in a lovely pink dress, Come on it is simple.

  • Peach has the f***ing WAGON

    Played the new mario kart for the phone. . I was beating everyone in it's very broad online matchmaking system and i picked peach every time. Her dummy thicc curves makes me think of the time i first rescued her in super mario 3 after beating up that shithead bowser. . I love you peach

  • Peach all the way

    Peach is not short and has joined Mario in the fray. She is in smash bros and she is not helpless. I think that is what this question is asking not which girl you should date. Mario beats sonic so peach would beat Amy as well. Even peach can beat sonic.

  • Amy Rose is better

    She is not helpless. She can cook, Clean, And wield a hammer like a boss. Peach is always getting kidnapped and makes Mario risk his life to save her. Then she teases and messes with his heart.
    Mario wanted to marry peach because he genuinely loved her and his love motivated him to defy the odds and she brushed him off.
    Mario should not waste not his time with a cold heartless she beast that toys with him. He should just leave peach alone and let her fall without him

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