• Yeah I agree with this guy

    Printers are so racist they use black ink or colored ink supposed to represent us black folks doing all the hard work, While the printer represents it happening under a white family or white slave owner and the white paper represents the fields where black people worked. Come on this is common sense!

  • They’re so racist

    Printers are so racist because they’re white and they use white paper that’s also racist and then they use either “BLACK” or “COLORED” INK to be printed on their paper, That alone represents slavery and is racism 101. Printers should be banned and we should not use paper anymore because they’re both racist! Printers are so racist

  • What The Hell

    No, Printers are inanimate objects that weren’t even made with racist intentions. The reason that paper is white is because it’s easier to write on it, That’s all and the black ink because it’s just easier to see. Also, The outside of a printer changes, It’s not only white. There is nothing racist about a printer.

  • Black on black

    My printer is black and prints with white ink on black paper.

    He ain't done nothin wrong.
    He prints every day and don't bother nobody.
    I even told him the other day to print faster, And he said lay off, So I did.
    Now let that all sink in ya heads.

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Foolboy says2021-03-15T18:44:05.080
You know, One could say that the black ink on the white paper is a symbol of what slavery has done to us. It is leaving marks easy to see and we shouldn't forget, Although SOME people just love to bring it up like 40 times a day.

This has been Totally Legit Philosophy with Foolboy.

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