Prisoners right to vote: Are voting rights for prisoners supported by US law?

  • Prisoners are still Americans.

    Those who have committed non-violent offenses can still, under the law, be deemed felons. Drug offenders should have just as much say about who enters office as the prison guards around them. 80% of these felons have not committed an anti-social act, yet they are disenfranchised as if they are a threat to our democracy. Like everyone, these people have made mistakes and they are paying the price. This does not mean they should be disempowered to affect change around them.

  • Incarcerated citizens lose the privilege to vote.

    Prisoners should not enjoy the privilege of participating in democracy until they serve their debt to society. Criminals have betrayed their country's trust and therefore have no expectation of participating in government. After a criminal has served his sentence in full, he should have a right to rejoin society and enjoy all privileges therein.

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