Prisoners right to vote: Is it wrong to punish prisoners by depriving vote?

  • Yes prisoners should be allowed to vote

    The reason why is some are in for small charges like drugs and this will give them some way to to get only the smallest part of outside contact and maybe in courage them and demote them to do anything else than what they are and be a true american who is loyal, kind, and demoted.

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  • Prisoners should be able to vote

    After a prisoner is out of jail, they have paid their dept to society, or while they are in there, they are paying it. They shouldn't be treated like a burden on society when they have paid the full price. If they are aloud to marry, reproduce, buy beer, own property and drive, why shouldn't they be able to help choose what president will be next. Even if we did give them this right, not all of them would be bouncing out of their seats for it, lots of people already have the right but don't use it anyway. Some of these people were only in there in the first place because of dept or fines, once they're out, they will already have a hard time finding work, why make it worse for them by not being able to vote? It's just cruel.

  • Prisoners disenfranchised themselves.

    When you are in prison, it's because you committed a crime. You have no rights while you are there, and that should always include the loss of the right to vote. When you have completed your time behind bars as well as any additional parole, I do believe you should be re-enfranchised and allowed to vote, though.

  • No prisoners shouldn't be able to vote

    No, I do not think that prisoners should be allowed to vote while in prison. I think that prisoners should not have too many rights, and those rights that they should not be able to have include the right to vote. It is the time for them to think about what they did wrong.

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