Prisoners right to vote: Should people serving prison sentences be permitted to vote in elections?

  • There is always time for change

    They might have committed a crime in the past but they might change but you'll do not want to give them a second chance which might make them go back to being a criminal they might have a good heart but they made a mistake everyone makes a mistake but it is your choice to give them a second chance

  • Common Sense People

    All prisoners have made mistakes but hear me out. Not all prisoners have killed people or have commited a serious crime and that seems unlawful to revoke their rights under the impression that they are cold hearted. We as people are innocent until proven guilty which means that everyone has certain privileges. We cant judge people by their appearance just as we cant judge a book by its cover.

  • Short-term prisoners won't always be prisoners

    If someone is in prison for a short time, even long term (anything that's not for life) will eventually live outside the walls of prison and will have to live with whatever actions taken by the legislators at that time. Denying them the right to choose who will make the rules that they will have to live by after leaving prison is inhumane for that reason.

  • Prisoners have impaired judgment

    Prisoners do have impaired judgment. They have made a significant mistake once, and with the prisoners making decisions, can we really trust that they will vote for our country's best interest? Prisoners are in jail for a reason, they broke the law. Should we really have people who went to jail as a punishment and who broke the law vote for the people who make the laws?

  • No, prisoners should not be allowed to vote.

    The main problem in prisons these days is that many prisoners are mentally disturbed, and that is often why they committed the crimes they committed and ended up in jail in the first place. They're too unbalanced to do much of anything, especially pick the future elected official from their area.

  • Prisoners should forfeit privileges

    No, prisoners should not retain the right to vote. While serving their debt to society for their crime, they should not be afforded a say in the decisions that impact the nation. Their punishment for their crime includes being incarcerated, which takes them out of society as a participant. Why, then, should we allow them to continue to influence what happens to the rest of society?

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