Prisoners should be sent to war instead of law abiding citizens

Asked by: CaptainHades
  • Criminals shouldn't be able to live for free

    Instead of allowing criminals to live free in jail with 3 meals a day and room and board and treated like welfare recipients who do not want to work we should just put them in uniform and send them onto the front lines. The most violent of criminals will surely perish because we will give them the most dangerous job and if they survive we find something else dangerous for them to do. A lot of people say we cannot do this because they will run away well how the f**k do we manage to keep them from running away when they are working on the roads? Obviously we need to have NORMAL LAW ABIDING troops to act as prison guards to make sure they don't do that. But we need to completely separate the criminal troops from the professionals. Also we can order bomb strikes in case they decide to group up and form resistance against their guards.

    As for the racism issue we simply force them to integrate and give them a certain number of individuals per squad making sure that none of them can form racial alliances and start mobbing up on each other. Any white or other supremacist retard that starts his f***ing shit with the other inmates and slows down our glorious military operations can be shot in the f***ing head.

    Now as far as what we have most of them do. We will NOT allow them to perform peacekeeping missions for obvious reasons. We WILL keep them away from civilian areas and they WILL ONLY be allowed to perform on the battlefield. Certainly in the case of terrorism that might be a problem because you'll be force to go into certain towns and neighborhoods and villages to exterminate the threat. Well the solution to that is just get the NORMAL troops to vacate the area that's simply what you do when you go to war in city/village/town areas anyway. Then send in the criminal troops to help clean up the mess. They will be kept in constant check to make sure they do not hide out in one of the buildings. They will not be allowed to enter any buildings.

    Instead of allowing these fucks to sit in prison sucking up taxpayer money let's put them to good use. Instead of our children and loved ones going to war and coming back in a body bag let the criminals die on the front lines. This will also cut down on reoffenders and overall crime back home.

    Sounds good to me.

  • It teaches them obedience

    It gives them something to do and is a good payment for whatever they did to get into jail, Instead of focusing on how bad prison life is, They can focus on serving their country as a return for what bad they did to their country. This way they could come out in better shape and having a fresh mind on the world.

  • Depending on what there crimes are

    I was going to do no but then realized instead of just sitting locked up all day and criminals want to be free back into our country then they should fight for it. The shouldn't just be sitting there all day doing nothing fighting for our country is better than wasting there life away. Innocent people shouldn't have to do this because they never did anything wrong. Depending on what there crimes are for example, If they have a year then no just let them do there time. If one has over 5 years then they should so they can fight for there freedom and our country.

  • What do convicts really want to do

    Going to jail and getting out is a life changing experience so if a person decides to always do the good right the person knows trouble won't happen again and so this person can function in a civilian society. Troublemakers from youth to teenage years have there minds made up before there adults that what is right isn't a civilian choice, Either be criminal or militant, But you can't say all criminals want to be soldiers, Rapist couldn't live in the military and some convicts say it's good and right to be a military against the molesters in civilian ways then ask for retribution to stay in civilian life and be honored like off duty police officers, But not stop a thief or burglar if the crime was against the mayor. So deciding who would join the military is a way to use convicts that don't want to be civilians and can't sign up for the military. I say instead of giving convicts the right to vote draft them into the military if there willing. Life for an Excon is not profitable in any economy.

  • Yes yes yes

    It solves the overcrowded prison problems and solves prisons that only harbor prisoners for profit by just killing them. It also incentivises people to be good citizens as committing crimes just results in their death from war. They will be sent to Iran so they can't harm us from there.

  • I was going to say No

    The no is winning i decided to reformulate my answer to support a yes.

    This was done many times in history. The military was the way many empires and civilizations allowed conquered peoples or the lower classes to ascend in the hierarchy.

    In many instances this was downright wrong like in the Ottoman Empire. But even the Ottoman janissaries rised to the highest ranks in society.

    Therefore giving the chance to an inmate to free himself or to get a pardon through war is what you could be aiming at here.
    Everything else is a lost cause.

    Allow the inmates to prove themselves in battle and they certainly will, Because alot of the inmates are a subsection of the warrior class of a society. Prone for misbehavior/violence.

    Now if you force them into battle with no benefits. Most of them will be completely uncooperative, If not just self-sabotaging.

    That'd bealsoa recruiting tool for terrorism, Because alot of the prison population are prone to become terrorists.

    In case you did not notice. Terrorists don't care about life. They are the perfect fighting force, Losing because they don't have our tech. So this is and will always be a war of hearts and minds, With our tech being the only weight that is giving us this advantage.

    On the other side the same type of men fight as on our side. Highly disagreeable, Violent, And high testosterone men. That we criminalize in the west and fill our prisons in, Whether we like it or not. It is the submissive, Law abiding citizen that is less likely to fight by our side or the other side.

    So we can't just afford to get these men that are already prone to suicide, To be given guns of any type, And throw them in enemy territory and hope things won't backfire. You would lose.

    Lets not forget military equipment, Transporting and training troops is very expensive. So unless you want a very inhumane system, Where you throw prisoners in a war zone and they have some kind of bomb in them, That can be activated if they don't follow orders, They will fire at you for sure, They are a huge liability, And they are an enemy within your military.

    About the morality. "War is just the extension of politics by other means. " You lose the war before you even start it.

    A lot of prison population have variety of mental and physical health problems too. Some of them are innocent. Some of them are in a situation where they should not be, But the system made them go that way. Im not excusing their behavior, Or criminals. Im just saying you lose the war that way. Afterall you want to win the war right?

    You can end up with the same problem of the late Roman Empire, Where the barbarian mercenaries end up with a huge power. Still this is way better than that, And it works for some time.

    Beware of the military/industrial complex.

  • Rome did it and it failed.

    The gladiators revolted and there was a long campaign to crush the rebellion. A lot of resources and time were wasted.
    Suicide squad played with the idea and believe me people will find a way to escape.
    And even if you put the most stable prisoners to war they can be bribed. Why fight for a country that hates you when the enemy can give you a new home away from the country?

  • Inhumane and ineffective

    Historically, Militaries have been most successful when made up of willing patriots. Mercenaries (willing but impartial) are notoriously unreliable in fulfilling a state's interests (see Machiavelli's The Prince). How much worse then an army of unwilling, Unpaid soldiers whose loyalty cannot be vouched for? It is reasonable to expect soldiers to resent their government for forcing them into military service, Resulting in low morale and poor discipline among soldiers (see U. S. Mandatory draft for Vietnam War as historical example). "Prisoners" is an extremely broad term, But among those detained are many not mentally or physically suited for war, Who would pose a risk to themselves or their squad. Ethical issues aside, This would be a very poor strategy for building a military.

    Now for the ethical issue-- the way the topic is framed reveals the person's underlying opinion: that they disfavor military service. The question is about whether "society's disfavored" ought to fill a vacant role that they themselves would rather not fill. Such topics have parallels in those regarding immigration, Gender roles and social class. This reveals some bias of the topic presenter, Which represents an opinion that is not universal and assumes a particular perspective, As military service is sometimes considered an honor rather than a punishment, And service members occupy a respectable social class in many societies. Bias removed, The question should then be asked: "should a person be forced to do what I don't want to do, So that I don't have to do it? " This reveals the proximity of the question to the ethics regarding prison labor, Therefore it is an extension to the topic of slavery. Historically, Policies that enable these kinds of practices expose the detained to abuse that could never be justified from the outset. Unless one is ignorant of the predictable nature of such conditions (see Stanford Prison Experiment), Or knowingly endorses extreme abuse, It is not possible to entertain the proposal--of forcing prisoners into military service--on ethical grounds.

  • Just send them on their own

    They will destabilize the region to which they are sent. The artiifcaly high number of criminal could quite easisy disrupt smaller goverments without the need for offical conflic. We could even arm them and provide minor support while staying tecnicaly uninvolved. This would be similar to iran/ the Saudis funding militants

  • It doesn't work

    Firstly, There are so many different types of criminals.

    You have criminals who came from very unfortunate backgrounds who turned to crime for survival for example being homeless, Poor etc. Thus stealing or grew up among the wrong people and get themselves involved with drugs https://www. Theguardian. Com/society/2010/dec/23/homeless-committing-crimes-for-shelter
    They merely have strayed and the justice system should be there to rehabilitate them back into society, Not ship them off to die.

    Then you have the more organised ruthless criminals too,
    Given they obey army commands, Would you trust these people to not commit those same offences towards innocent civilians in war?
    How would they be able to be trusted by other members of the army? What if they grouped up and rebelled? And if you say shoot them down or bomb em, Well that's just extra resources going into a self made problem. And if you employ that to instill fear, Wouldn't that mean you become about as bad as them?

  • Think about the people in the war zone

    If criminals are sent to war, Then they will be basically unleashed in the war zone. If they are deployed t a city, Then who knows what they might do to the innocent civilians. The whole point of prison is to keep criminals in so they don't commit crimes. By letting them out you are allowing them to commit the crimes they had done before.

  • Not even arguing

    I love how in the thumbnail of this photo (criminals) is portrayed as 3 young black men. This is a great example of the subtle veil of villainy spread across black youth. We live in a system that has held down the black community, Who was already trying to survive, In a western culture where the 'white man' is meant to be prosperous. Annoying

  • It is cruel

    Prisoners should not be forced to go to war because it is cruel and unethical. Think about their families waiting for them to come home. They would be outraged and devastated to know that the prisoner has gone to war. If you were a prisoner, Would you stay in prison or go to war? Think about it.

  • Why encourage more armed conflict?

    Armed militias are bad enough. Why send non-consentual people off to war? They could be a pacifist or have religious beliefs that go against it. The current prison system is incredibly racist, Biased, And classist. Half of the people in there are really innocent or are subject to a biased system of law enforcement.

    Forcing people to go to war, In any fashion, Is bad. Laws are inherently over-restrictive, And someone could be in prison for something as simple as not paying for a fishing without a license ticket. It is ridiculous to send someone to war for that.

    Also, Sending people to war encourages them to become weaponized. WHICH IS THE PROBLEM YOU ARE TRYING TO FIX! You don't teach anyone but telling them what they did (that was bad) is a good thing.

    This whole idea is a glorified draft that profits off of the poor and non-white folk.

  • Where would the line be?

    Would every prisoner be forced to be in the war? Like the prisoners who are in there for petty theft, Drug possession, And other small crimes? Because if so that is ridiculous when we have men who are known rapists walking free. Also, I feel like that picture shouldn't have been used for this because it's painting black men to be criminals when they could have legally gained the guns that they have in the photographs, Its kind of ironic that they didn't use a 'redneck' but whatever. We shouldn't use prisoners for war because jail is supposed to reform criminals and putting them through war will traumatize them and probably put them back onto the streets worse off than before.

  • Because what do you think will happen if you give a x murder a gun do you think that

    Because what do you think will happen if you give like a guy in for murder a gun a say shoot thoughs guy no cause he could think what is everyone that was sentenced to shoot all the gards then i could murder again it makes no sence they would probalbly make tha desion that if i fail i will die

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Anonymous says2020-01-06T01:23:34.013
My first question is what's with the damn image of three Black guys with guns? What the heck is this mess?

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