Prisons should focus more on rehabilitation than punishment.

Asked by: AthiestQueen
  • Treat people like animals they'll act like animals

    If people focused more to the reasons why someone is reoffending and fixes it besides punishing someone maybe then wed have less people returning to prison with multiple charges. No one asks to be in prison, so obviously if someone is going in prison multiple times maybe there's a reason that could be fixed

  • Yes, second chances?

    Wouldn't you want a second chance if you were in their position? Wouldn't you want to help yourself and prevent yourself from being taken back to prison? These people are still human and maybe they were put in a bad situation that led to them being put in prison and it wasn't something that they were wanting to be part of.

  • What happen to the mental health care within the states?

    Really? Where did all the help go for mental illness? Many of the people who go to jail, then get out are homeless. They are typically homeless because of their mental deficiency. They can't get hired, or they can't hold a job to save their life. And if they are x-cons with nothing else to do on the streets, guess what they are going to do? What they did to end up in jail. It is a vicious cycle that needs to be stopped. We should be rehabilitating them then sending them back out, not holding them in our prisons.

    Argument came from a documentary seen on the National Geographic channel. Forgot the name of the documentary.

  • Prisons should be focused more on rehabilitation rather than punishment.

    What we need to do is instead of locking people up forever because we can’t control them we need to work on both prevention and teaching. If someone committed a crime due to anger problems then while they are in jail they are forced to attend an anger management class at the prison, when they complete that course they can then possibly be released on parole. If the crime was committed because of a mental health problem then the patient should be psychically tested diagnosed and then put on medication, then have their case reevaluated to see if release is an option or if they should be sent to a group home or something. Also we need to go into neighborhoods where there is known to be a lot of violence and crimes and see how we can help keep the kids and adults out of trouble.

  • Should focus on both equally.

    If I could design a perfect world, I would make a system that focuses both on punishment and rehabilitation. If someone chooses to do some wrong against society, then they should be punished first and once their punishment has been served, then the system should focus on rehabilitating them to prevent it from happening again.

  • Some people cannot be rehabilitated.

    Look at serial killers,rapist,,child molesters and any other serious criminal. These people all have psychological issues/disorders and it is most likely impossible I agree that we shouldn't hold them forever but it is obvious through examination of these type of people that the changes of them changing are obviously cannot change what they are. Most of these people are pathological liars, look at the case of Ted Bundy, he had a reputation for being articulate, intelligent and charming despite what he did. A man of his intelligent could have easily fooled a psychologist into believing that he has been rehabilitated then go back to what he has done. There are also a few cases. I say if they can be rehabilitated then go for it but if not then lock them up/death penalty.

  • Criminals are sent to prison to be punished

    If criminals were sent to prison to be rehabilitated, then you minus well call it a rehabilitation center. Prison is called prison for a reason, people are meant to be punished for their bad deeds when they go to prison, not to be told "don't do that again" and let off after a series of lessons on how to be a good citizen.

  • Why should they

    They messed up they need to learn from there mistakes and learn from them and if they don't change then they go through the same cycle again until the do. It's called prison for a reason let's keep it that way. Sometimes you got to learn the hard way and it's hard I know trust me but it might change your life in a good way

  • No, people should be punished.

    If someone is convicted of murder they deserve to be put in jail and I actually think jails should be a lot less nicer than they are now. If you do something once, doesn't matter what it I, you can do it again and chances are, a councilor isn't going to stop you.

  • Nope, don't think so...

    This statement is suggesting that all prisoners have some sort of injury, illness or diseases relating to their physical or mental capabilities. There are prison facilities that actually have programs to help prisoners better themselves, and that's including some form of rehabilitation. I believe there are prisoners who need rehabilitation in conjunction with punishment, but determining the balance of the two is dependent upon the crime committed and if that person's physical or mental state has any factor in the crime committed.

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