Private Email Servers: Will it be illegal for civil servants to use private servers for official emails?

  • Yes, it is important to keep civil servants from conducting offical business on private e-mail servers.

    When examining the problems that have come to the surface during the 2016 U.S presidential elections, in relation to Hillary Clinton and her private e-mail server being used to conduct official business, it becomes clear that this is a problem for the country's security. Now, more than ever, computer hacking has become very sophisticated, and anything relating to official business should have the added protection and security of being on official servers to ensure secure information does not end up in the wrong hands. Furthermore, it can severely damage a civil servant's career if there is a breach of security, as has been the case with the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, as of late. As a result, it is clear that such use of private email servers can be detrimental when it comes to secure information, and, therefore, it must be illegal across the board to transmit official emails via a less secure, private server. It also ensures more transparency and lessens the likelihood of fraudulent activities taking place.

  • Yes, it will be illegal for civil servants to use private servers for official emails.

    Yes, it will be illegal for civil servants to use private servers for official emails, and most politicians should switch away from them now that we have seen what it's doing to Hillary Clinton. It makes no sense that this is such a big issue, but there is a witch hunt against her.

  • Yes, from this point forward it likely will.

    Yes, after Clinton has been incessantly hounded by the FBI for using a private server for official emails, I think that it will become illegal for civil servants to do so. Up until now, I feel that civil servants haven't paid much attention regarding what device they use for emails. But after this long and arduous battle, things will change.

  • No, the death penalty is not justified.

    The death penalty is not justified because, contrary to popular belief, death row followed by execution is not more cost effective than a life sentence. Also, killing a human being as a punishment is barbaric, even if they committed a heinous act. Many violent offenders thrive with a life imprisonment and better themselves, never to offend again.

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