Private jets to beat traffic: Is this the newest Thanksgiving tradition?

  • Private jets are a great new tradition for the 1%

    Private jets are a great way to beat Thanksgiving traffic. All you need to do is be able to afford one. The caveat is that there are only so many private jets and runways available, so if this "tradition" catches on, the law of supply and demand will kick in, and what was already unaffordable to the average American will be even more so. So if money is no object to you, taking a private jet can be a great new Thanksgiving tradition. The rest of us will drive cars and eat turkey.

  • Yes, this is the newest Thanksgiving tradition, but one for only a select number of US citizens.

    The appearance of websites offering the service of private jets and/or helicopters for the holidays would seem to indicate a new tradition: taking private transportation to beat the masses locked in automotive traffic gridlock. Yet clearly this practice is only an option for the very richest of the rich, meaning that it's not really a new tradition in any meaningful sense of the word.

  • I don't think private jets are the traffic answer.

    The majority of humans cannot afford private jets. The idea that people would use private jets as a means to beat traffic just seems absurd. Now the richest of the rich may use this system, but I don't see everyday people using jets as a way to beat the traffic rush.

  • Private jets are not the newest Thanksgiving tradition.

    While there are a select group of wealthy Americans who are able to skip the traffic jams by using private jets for transportation, it is unrealistic to think it could become a Thanksgiving tradition. The majority of people simply cannot afford such travel luxuries. Even if private jets were affordable, it could never become a Thanksgiving tradition - the sky would be crowded and private airports would be backed up with so many travelers. Automobile travel will continue to be the holiday transportation of choice.

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