Private schools vs. public schools: Are private schools better than public schools?

  • They get pizza every Friday

    Private because there are less bullies and they get do karate Apr and swimming once a week they also do karaoke.The private schools are genaraly way more safer than a public school and a private school is challenging. Private schools take an effort on what they do. The private schools like to try new experements while the public schools have the same schedule

  • Controll over class sizes and teaching

    IN public schools they must do what the government requires of them. They are told what to teach how many to stuff in a classroom and what to pay the teachers. A Private school has room to regulate this insuring that they can get the best educators as long as the parents will pay for. By sending my son to private school I am more than happy knowing that they he can get a sence of religion and that the teacher are there to tech what they belive and not what they are told they have to.

  • No. Private education can hamper learning.

    No. Private education is typically regarded as being the better choice for educating our youth, however I believe otherwise. Private schools are often burdened by the fact that they receive no state funding. This creates a gap in learning due to the shear inability to provide basic services or upgraded technology. Public schools are competitive based on the fact that they don't typically have the funding issues that private schools have.

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