Privatization of the State: Are democratic values better upheld through the privatization of industry?

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  • Privatized Industry for Democrats

    I feel industry is best left to the public sector because although the Public is a squabbling madhouse, money stays with the state and feeds public issues. Shuffling it into the private arena opens the gate to this administration's endless government loans and petty spending, no matter what jobs it may pray to create. As we've seen through recent events (the economic collapse, rescue, and a continuing war we can't afford to hold), spending money in the blind hope of making money 'for the people' is not working.

  • Privatization is the antithesis of democratic values

    Privatization seeks one ultimate goal: profit. This goal is antithetical in nature to the principles of a democracy. We live in a democracy, we pay taxes for services, if we were to privatize those services the consequences would be dire. Every road would be a toll road, every power line would come with a hefty fee to repair. We do best when we allow a central non-profit governmental body 'run the business.'

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