Privatization of the State: Is the privatization of industries a superior economic course?

  • It would make the state more responsible.

    Privatization of the State is a good thing. Currently government spends money on anything and everything they consider useful. Many government agencies feel they need to spend all of the money they are allotted because, if they do not, the budgets are cut the following year. If they do spend all of their allotted money, they get an increase. This does not make for responsible spending. Privatization would make the government follow a budget like everyone else.

  • No, it leads to subpar services

    Privatization of industries is usually a poor decision. For example, many of our prisons are not privatized and the quality of care in those prisons is sub-par. They are involved in numerous violations in providing basic care for humans. Unfortunately, privatization leads to saving money at the expense of those that need the service. Poor service in some of these areas is unacceptable and dangerous.

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