Privatization of the State: Should the state be fully privatized?

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  • There Should Be Less Privatization, Not More

    In every case where something that should be the responsibility of the state has been privatized it has been followed by problems. We privatized gas and electric and prices quadrupled, making it unaffordable for many. We privatized the prison system and now more of our population is in prison than in Communist Russia or China. State responsibilities need to remain with and in many cases be returned to the state. More privatization will just cause further social and economic issues.

  • No, some functions must remain public to be administered with integrity.

    No, the state should not be fully privatized, because certain things can only be run fairly by government. While the state can privatize many things, like roads, jails, and delivery services, certain things, like the judicial system, cannot be privatized without great impropriety. Likewise, the military can only act with government authority. Privatizing these entities would reduce public confidence.

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