Privatizing prisons: Are state-owned prisons more efficient than private-owned?

  • They give money to the town

    Profitable prisons help everyone because they give money to the town and put the criminals in prison. The thirteenth amendment says that there will be no slavery expect for work in prison itself. These prisons also give money to the community making it a wealthier community making it better for everyone.

  • Not at all

    The government is better at killing than imprisoning. Anything the government does could be done more efficiently by the private sector(except propping up businesses like the postal service but that's because it should have gone the way of the typewriter and ended). This 50 word thing is really annoying !

  • Private prision are better.

    State owned prisons are a lot less efficient then private owned prisons. State owned prisons are a drain on the tax payer that should not exist, and law abiding citizens should not have to pay for convicts. Private owned prisons are able to generate money unlike state owned ones, and they do not cost the tax payer money.

  • Been Tried Before

    This has been tried in Florida and now the state has the 3 largest prison industry in the country. Something fundamentally and sick about making max profits off of criminals. A downward spiral starts to happen. These prison companies want more profit and to do this they expand. How do they expand, by making more criminals. People start getting sent to prison for jaywalking to many times. The country more or less turns into a police state.

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