Privatizing prisons: Is it reasonable to privatize prisons and prison management?

  • If it can help lower our government spending, than yes.

    From what I've read and heard, prisons are extremely expensive. Billions of dollars are spent keeping prisons open, from food, to workers, to facilities, all the money adds up. Right now, a hot button issue is government spending. While I believe the government needs to be spending to help get out of the recession, spending on the prison system has no benefit. By privatizing it, the government can save money, and focus it towards more important issues.

  • Privatize Prisons for Efficiency and Economy

    Is it reasonable to privatize prisons and prison management? It is reasonable because doing so relieves the government of the expense, manpower, and facility maintenance of running prisons directly and puts top businesses in the fields of security and incarceration with knowledge of the latest techniques and technologies in charge of running the prison system. Taking the government out of the prison business should improve the efficiency of every aspect of prison operation and allow government to focus its attention and resources on other important issues.

  • Where do you draw the line

    I thought the whole concept of prison was for "rehabilitation" at least that's what the Government keeps claiming. Look you know the entire prison system is broken when more than half of your prisoners end up coming back to prison. But to privatize it is only going to make things much worst. Whenever you decide to "privatize" anything in our society, its no longer about the cause, the reason or the intention behind the original idea it strictly becomes about "profit" and the "bottom-line." When prisons get "privatize" the owners of that prison now have a vested interest in keeping more and more people behind bars because that's how they make their money. They may lobby politicians to enforce stricter laws so that people have longer sentences and the list goes on and on. The government should try focusing on what they keep claiming they are doing but are in reality not doing and that is "rehabilitating" prisoners. A good first step is de-criminalizing marijuana too many people get thrown in jail because they have a bag of weed on them or a joint in their pocket. Look what you do to yourself is on you so long as you don't sell it to kids and only to other consenting adult addicts is fine by me.

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