Privatizing social security: Should social security be privatized?

  • It is costing us dearly.

    Social Security is the largest expense in the federal budget. It is costing the taxpayers of America more than 70 billion dollars, and will continue to rise. Pretty soon the "baby boom" generation will begin to qualify, meaning taxes amongst young people will go through the roof. Sure it may have a few problems, but the system that is in place now is just about to fall apart.

  • Privatizing Social Security--Absolutely not!!

    The privatization of Social Security would be nothing less than a fiasco for many, if not most people, and is totally undemocratic and un-American, to boot. Having a system that's dependent on the stock market would render social security unstable, and many, if not most people would be in great trouble as a result.

    Posted by: mplo
  • Social security should remain social

    Social Security is one of the few success stories that has lasted within the US government, and it should not be privatized. Privatization is a horrible process that has become a threat to our very democracy. No to privatization and no to cuts. Keep Social Security socialf or all time.

  • Social Security Should Not Be Privatized

    Social Security should not be privatized. If Social Security was privatized, people would actually receive less benefits which would clearly harm many people economically. Additionally, starting a privatization system is extremely expensive. Also, many people do not want their money to depend on the stock market. For many, this is considered very risky.

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