• Because it’s my body, my choice and no government should be able to control it-

    The reason to why I am pro choice is because it is my body. I shouldn’t be forced by a law to carry a child I don’t want. I’m not saying a child is one of disgusting things in the world. Of course a child brings happiness but it should be up to me when I want to receive the answer to my nausea. It should be up to be when I want to freak out because my period came. It should be up to me, if I am not ready to give life. And I believe every single women there, should be given the choice. I Know ther will be someone who will tell me to give the baby to adoption. I may be “cruel and evil” for taking an abortion but I won’t let a innocent child go through a broken system and end up nowhere and that to me: Is a worse sin and guilt to take abortion.

  • How more selfish can you be?

    I don't want to have to deal with a baby that spits up food, cries during the night, can't care for itself. I don't want to be inconvenienced and not be able to live the life I want to. I'll just kill my baby.

    I don't want to have to take this kid to school every day, teach them how to play sports, help them with their homework. I don't want to be inconvenienced and not be able to live the life I want to. I'll just kill my seven year old.

    I'm sick of how much my teenager eats. I'm constantly going to different sports activities. He always wants me to take him to friends houses and he sleeps until noon on the weekends. I don't want to be inconvenienced and not be able to live the life I want to. I'll just kill my fifteen year old.

    I'm sick of how my kid keeps coming to me for advice about his new marriage. Gosh I hope he doesn't have a kid because I'm going to get even more late night phone calls asking for advice. I'm sick of having them come over to Christmas EVERY year. I don't want to be inconvenienced and not be able to live the life I want to. I'll just kill my twenty-five year old.

    My father drools every day. He can't even get out of his chair, feed himself, or take his own medication. Nursing homes are just too expensive, so I'm forced to do this myself. I'm sick of being inconvenienced and not be able to live the life I want to. I'll just kill my father.

    It's embarrassing how the most vulnerable, who can't protect themselves, are euthanized by the ones who's actions gave them life and why...? Because they don't want to be inconvenienced? SMH sadly.

  • I am pro-choice

    I don't like the idea of killing unborn babies. But the mother is supporting the baby until it's born (and unless she adopts it out, making the baby's life hard, afterwards too) and she has a right to stop supporting the baby when she chooses. If you think it's hurting the unborn baby, circumcision is legal due to the belief that babies don't feel pain.

  • Its not an easy decision

    However your own personal beliefs should dictate whether or not you should have a child. There are too many scenarios in which having a child is lethal to the parents, not to mention a broken system in which its very hard to be adopted, or even raise children. Its unfortunate.

  • Her body, Her choice.

    The government has no right to tell a woman what to do with her body. It's a horrifying sight to see but it was the woman's choice to have it! This is part of the civil side of women's rights, Unlike other stuff. Protect the right to choose, The government can't tell "her" what to do with her body.

  • Other Arguments aren't viable

    There are hundreds of thousands of children in adoption. Hundreds of thousands more get put in yearly. The rate of children going in is higher than the rate of children getting adopted. Since the need for orphanages is so high, People that are unfit to care for children go into it to make a quick buck. Children get abused and molested. So no, Adoption is NOT an option. Telling people to stop having sex if they don't want children is idiotic and not plausible. Yeah, There is anti-contraception but, It's not 100% foolproof. Banning abortion doesn't mean people will stop aborting babies. It means they'll stop doing it safely. They'll overdose on pills, They'll give birth in school bathrooms, They'll inflict pain on their stomach, They'll find ways to do it that not only endanger the fetus but, Themselves. The opposing arguments are 100% moral and "oh, It never got a chance, " "oh, But it's still a living thing. " Of course, I think everyone deserves a chance but, The fetus wouldn't be "murdered, " they'd just not be born. A child born to neglectful parents who won't ( a lot of the time ) be able to afford or give time to the child. The child wouldn't suffer. If you oppose my opinion that's fine, But give more logical explanations than "it's unethical. "

  • Pro-Life for my body, Pro-Choice for hers.

    It's my body. I want to have a child one day, Which is why I wouldn't have an abortion. Circumstances are different for everyone though. The biggest defense for the Pro-choice is rape. I don't believe a woman has to have her body violated in order for her to have a say over her own body. IT IS HER BODY, HER CHOICE. If you have an objective, Tell the woman that YOU, Personally, Will financially and emotionally support the baby, Then you can have a say.

    If abortion is made illegal, Where will all the children of these woman, Who do not want the child, Be placed? According to Adoption. Com, 10 MILLION children are in a living institution. Even worse, 60 MILLION children are HOMELESS. Of those children, About 443, 000 are in the foster care system and only about 123, 000 are possibly going to be adopted. Another thing to keep in mind is that these children are eventually gonna be kicked out of the system. ". . . One out of 50 children, Or 1. 5 million children in the U. S. , Will be homeless each year. In 2013 that number jumped to one out of 30 children, Or 2. 5 million".

    Being Pro-choice doesn't mean you are encouraging every pregnant woman to get an abortion. It means giving her the option to SAFELY have it done. If someone is set on having an abortion, Nothing is going to change their mind. You'll just end up losing the pregnant woman, Too. I bet that most of the people who are pro-life are the same people who go around judging teen mothers. Let people make choices for their OWN bodies. Her abortion is NOT your business.

  • Abortion kills an unborn child

    Science has confirmed that a fetus is a human being. If someone does not want a child, then they could simply not have sex or if they did, they could set the child up for adoption. It's not bad and kids don't get messed up in it. Medical bills can be paid for by insurance.

    Posted by: asta
  • It's killing people.

    At about 8 weeks, the brain of the fetus/baby has started sending signals to the rest of it's body. That means it's a living human brain at work. By terminating the pregnancy, your killing a human mind.

    Look, if you don't want to have a baby, don't get pregnant. There are numerous ways to avoid it such as the pill, condoms or just not having sex.
    I know, mistakes happen, right? Yes but that does not mean that your not responsible. Abortion tends to be just a way to be unaccountable for your actions, but what they don't understand is that they are actually punishing their unborn child instead.

    Yes, I understand that here are situations where an abortion should be allowed like in the case of rape, incest, or if the mothers life is in serious danger. For instance; a woman I knew a long time back was diabetic (insulin dependent) and got pregnant. She had the choice of going off her insulin and risking her life or continuing her insulin and risking the life of her unborn baby. Tho I would have supported her had she chosen to use her insulin, she chose to go off it and died in childbirth.
    Tho I am not in favor of it, I could see allowing the very young to have them because they may not be able to mentally cope with being pregnant, but this would be a one time deal because afterwards they should know the risk their actions caused.

    Besides the lack of accountability I have with the claim of "accidents happen" is the alarming number of women who have multiple abortions. From what I have read, about 44% of women who have an abortion, have more than one. (1) I even read another article about a woman who had 15 of them in a 17 year period. (2) Sad how, when most women go for their annual check-up, she went for her annual abortion. You must admit, that is just wrong.


  • "A person's a person, No matter how small. " (quote from Dr. Seuss)

    I'm pro-life for two reasons:

    1. Life begins a conception when new DNA is created, Making abortion the killing of a person (AKA murder but legal)

    2. I have found many arugments from pro choice don't make sense when I ask questions. Examples:
    "It's the women's body" --- "Isn't the baby's body? "
    "It's a form of birth control" --- "Is it right at the price of a life? "
    "It's a clump of cells" --- "Aren't you a clump of cells? "
    "It's a daily and financial inconvenience to the mother" --- "Your 90 year old father is the same thing but why can't you kill him? "

    a many more. . . . .

  • You either have a baby or don't have sexual intercourse!

    I know a few people who have had abortions and it's because they were being irresponsible; and based on them im sure nearly everyone who has an unwanted pregnancy, Is due to them being irrespsonsible. All the pro life arguments i 100% agree with because abortion is just worng and a clear result of irresponsibility.

  • Babies get Killed

    All abortion is and will ever be, Baby killing. It is not "my body, My choice". It is the fetus's right to be born. Why should we even kill children. They are our future. Plus, If you want to be a whore, Use protection, You whores. That is all I am going to say

  • I'm in no way shape or form pro-choice

    I could give a list of reasons explaining how abortion ends a human life. However, That is an old (still unbeaten) argument. So I also approach it like this. Abortion affirms the disease in our culture that is fear of responsibility. People do not want the responsibility of a child because they could not wait until marriage, Graduation, And a solid job. Or they just engage in promiscuous sexual debauchery believing that there will be no consequence for their irresponsible actions.

    So what does that breed. A delinquent generation. Abortion affirms freedom of responsibility that manifests itself in fatherless and motherless homes. It also shows up in the form of welfare leeches. It manifests itself in the form of whiny and weeping children that just happen to be 30 years old.

    So what about "My body" or "you're a male you don't understand". Well first of all, That demeans the child even further by saying my body my choice. That implies that the child is a cancer or a disease that the mother has control over treatment. I may not understand the nitty gritty of pregnancy but I do know and understand the plethora of things wrong with abortion.

  • 99% of abortion comes from irresponsibility.

    I am going to stay away from religion, because I believe their are great arguments that even a secularist could use in support of life.
    Pro-choice advocates always bring up the anecdotal, sad situation of a woman who was raped, will die if she has the baby, was just diagnosed with cancer, and has no money to afford the child. The fact is that the vast, vast majority of abortions (somewhere around 99%) are due from sheer irresponsibility. Such as skipping out on birth-control, being to lazy or inconvenienced to use a condom, drunk sex, having a change of heart, etc. Yes, condoms break, yes birth control isn't 100% effective, but the failure rates are certainly not on par with the number of abortions performed. Pro-choicers should be willing to quit arguing on behalf of the anecdotal cases of rape, incest, and harm to the mother's life and instead discuss the 99% of abortions which stem from the belief that your right to convenience is more significant than a fetus's right to live. Men who irresponsibly impregnate a female should also own-up to their mistakes, and support the child and his/her mother. Conception is very simple, anytime one ejaculates inside of a females vagina, the potential for conception occurs. If you feel that engaging in protected or unprotected sex is worth the potential risk of impregnation, then go ahead and have intercourse, but don't be surprised when life is conceived (and especially don't be surprised if you didn't use protection and life is conceived). If your not comfortable with the risk presented from sex, then abstain from vaginal intercourse. Sorry, biology can be a pain the a$$. Overall 99% of abortions can be prevented. This myth that abortion is human right is simply a way to euphemize what you are actually doing, which 99% of the time is valuing your own convenience over another's life, which I find repulsive and despicable.

  • It is not their life

    By saying abortion is okay is saying that it is okay to kill an unborn child with unknown potential . Life starts at conception, therefore as soon as that baby is conceived it is living, and has the right to life. If you don't want to take care of the child or can't take care of the child, ADOPTION IS AN OPTION.

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