• Of course I am pro-life

    I am firmly pro-life, life is very precious and should never be taken lightly. For those who are raped, according to planned parenthood less than 3%, if they wanted to abort the baby than they would have to file the report give a DNA sample and have a DNA sample taken from the baby. So that we can get the people doing the rapes off the street and into jail where they belong.
    Before you make these claims of a disabled child, I am also the very proud parent of a child with Down's Syndrome.

  • I believe in life

    I am only 14 but i believe in life because it is a God given gift . Life is a privilege that only God can take away from you. How would you feel if you were aborted , would you feel like you're rejected unwanted wouldn't you still want a chance at life

  • Flaws on Pro-Life (And no religious arguments)

    Pro-choice always talk about women who DON'T have a choice to abortion. They have been raped, cannot support a child, and are too young to even have one. But if a woman IS financially secure, had willing sex, AND has a stable life, then she would be making a choice.

    But then there are no excuses, are there?

    If everybody accepted abortion, it would be another excuse to get out of "safe" sex. Human life would be taken less seriously. And those unborn would never experience the pain and joys of life all because the mother was too selfish, yes selfish, to take care of the child or at the very least keep it in foster care where, as we all know, younger children are adopted the most.

    Those who are Pro-Choice say that it's the mother's choice on what to do, but what about the child's? What about the baby who will fight to decide whether it will live or die by the time it is born-too early too late, kicking or peacefully?

    If not abortion, why not purposeful miscarriage? Other than a plan without the clean white walls of a doctor's office, how are they that different? Can they not handle seeing a child die in front of their eyes, despite not fully formed?

    Can those who even get an abortion watch a video on their unborn baby without feeling guilt or sadness? Heck, it doesn't even have to be their own! Watch as the baby either withers into nothing or is cut apart and taken/flushed out.

    "What if you had a baby?" They say to me, a 14-year old. "Wouldn't you get an abortion due to your age and lack of support?"

    "No," I would reply,"Because I would never kill someone who has a chance to live."

  • The Declaration of Independence clearly states that all people have the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

    First off, recent scientific studies have proven that human DNA, DNA being the genetic code by which the fetus will grow into a full grown man or woman, is present at conception. Therefore, the 'conglomeration of cells' that pro-choice people like to refer to a fetus as, is inherently a human being at conception. But if that is not enough to convince you, then let me tell you that by 8-10 weeks of pregnancy, nearly if not all major bodily functions and organs are fully operational and are operating within the fetus, including the heart. As far as I'm concerned, if a fetus has a heartbeat, it is a living human being, no matter how small it may be.

    By killing, or more appropriately stating the act, murdering, innocent babies before they are born, mothers are denying their unborn child their inherited rights to Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness. That, if you ask me, is a human rights violation that could, in a perfect world, land a person some serious jail time.

    Also abortion, since its legalization in the 1973 Supreme Court case Roe vs. Wade, has led to the murder of over 54 million babies since 1973. That is more deaths than The Holocaust and many 20th century genocides combined. It even tops some estimates of World War II fatalities. Abortion is evil and immoral, and should be banished from the United States due to its utter barbarity.

  • Whats wrong with you guys

    Yea lets make abortion legal, then we can make murder of a child legal because its none of your business, then murder can be made legal and terrorist attacks legal because it doesnt concern you. America =freedom. I am a pro choice. Its MY choice and not yours. Understand ?

  • Why wouldn't I be?

    Definition of fetus: In humans, the unborn young from the end of the eighth week after conception to the moment of birth, as distinguished from the earlier embryo. A baby or fetus, can have a heartbeat by 6 weeks after conception, you cannot live without a heart, therefore the fetus (baby) is living.

  • Rape Isn't an Excuse

    What if you didn't get that chance at life. No matter the circumstances everyone deserves a chance at life. I understand that people are raped but that's not really an excuse for it. It is a bad thing if you're raped but the baby shouldn't be punished for that and shouldn't be given the chance to live.

  • How come the parents got a choice and the babies don't?

    Unborn children has only one shot to live and of all people it's their mothers who deprive them of it. "The right to do whatever you want with your body" argument is absurd because the baby's body isn't yours anymore to decide to end its life. Unborn humans deserve human rights too.

    If you do not want that baby so bad, just endure 9 months, only 9 months and you can give him up for adoption to people who'd love to have him. Losing few months of your life to pregnancy is incomparable to baby losing a chance to live.

  • We made our choice

    I believe in basic human rights, such as those to life and choice. A common argument is that women deserve a right to choose what they want to do with THEIR body. I completely agree! Unless you are raped, you got a choice. There are so many forms of birth control and each of them are not one hundred percent guaranteed. Therefor, if you really do not want to be pregnant do not have sex only using birth control or only using a condom. Use both! In all do respect, you chose to have sex and you chose whether or not to take ALL the precautions necessary to prevent yourself from getting pregnant. Therefor, if you chose not to use protection because it feels better, you already made your choice. A fetus is not just a piece of your body, your body is simple the incubator. A fetus is its own body. Unlike a comatose patient, though I do not agree with ending their lives either, babies are going to become capable of taking care of themselves. We do not kill people who can not take care of themselves. In all do respect, it is not your choice to get an abortion because it is not your life it is ending. If you don't want the baby give it up for adoption. I have friends who are adopted and they are so happy and pleased their biological parents put them before themselves and found them their family. I understand their are medical exceptions that leave you no choice but to abort, in those cases such as ectopic pregnancies where neither the mother or baby with survive, you have to do what is necessary. If you were raped, I am so sorry, I can not even imagine. However, though you didn't ask for this, there is a life growing inside of you. I met a women who was raped and had her baby and kept it. She told me that horrible thing that happened to her gave her the greatest gift imaginable. If you can not raise them, please give them up for adoption, they will be happy if you find them a good home. If financial instability is a problem, consider adoption or go to the welfare office and ask assistance. If you are really young and can not provide for them, there are so many people who can not have children that want to so bad, there are some that are even willing to let you see your baby . Please take into consideration whether you made choices that led to the pregnancy or some horrible man took that choice away from you, the choice has already been made. It is no longer your choice unless there is a medical situation that provides for exceptions. You get to choose what happens to you, not the baby. A fetus is a baby, it is a living thing, and abortion does end its life. That is not our choice to make.

  • Punishing the child for the wrongdoings of the parents?

    Many people have abortions because they "aren't ready for a child." So why should the child be murdered for that cause.

    Even if you can pretend that the child isn't alive yet, you still deprived the person of having a child hood, having good times with friends, getting an education, growing up, falling in love, getting married, having children, raising a family, growing old, and dying with the ones that they love.

    You have just decided that a person doesn't deserve to live, just because you don't want them. Who are you that you can do that?

  • If it's not your body, it is not your business

    Abortion is another channel humans use to control the bodies of females. It is tacking a nameplate on a female's uterus and declaring what they can or cannot do with it. Of course, if the mother in question decides to keep the child and does not go through with an abortion, that is okay because it was her choice.

  • Pro-Choice and why it's called that

    I believe firmly that women should have the right to choose whether or not she should have an abortion. There is a reason it's called Pro-Choice and not Pro-Abortion. This country was founded on freedom, and it has been scientifically and medically proven that a fetus is not a human being, therefore abortion is not murder. Women have the right to chose what to do with their bodies and if they want an abortion, how does that affect anyone else but her and the father who helped create the fetus?

  • I am Pro choice for a very fundamental reason

    At the end of the day, regardless of if you believe the zygote/embyo/fetus is living, one thing is definitely certain. It's a parasite. It's a parasite living off of the mother's resources. It is, in no way, competent enough to live independently. If it's the mother's body responsible for keeping this parasite alive, she should certainly have the right to decide otherwise.

  • Its not your body so why should you care?

    The fetus is tissue growing from its host, or mother. If she wishes to have it removed them let her have it removed. Why should you have the jurisdiction to tell her what to do?! Its not your body so you shouldn't have any buisness telling her what to do with it.

  • Who speaks for the baby

    When aborting a baby you are taking away its right to life. If a mother doesn't want to have her child or isn't in the right place to care for it she should put it up for adoption not take away this child's right to a life. I will never understand why anyone would even think to come up with this procedure in the first place

  • My Body Is Not Your Decision

    The fact that many people, especially teenagers, are affected by becoming pregnant, not always by choice, are usually unhappy with this. By being Pro-Choice a person (woman) is able to take control of her own body and shouldn't have others telling her how to live her life or if she should keep the unborn fetus or not. Period.

  • Their body, their choice

    It is none of others people decisions of what someone decides to do with their body. Even if it is and abortion. They decided on it, and are told the risks before having one by a doctor. Will they face the risks? Yes but they already know what they are. Everyone who gets an abortion has a reason behind it. Whether it being rape, incest, or that they will die if they have that baby. Who are you to take away that right? It is not the point whether if the fetus is considered living or not, you do not decide that or make it seem horribly wrong. And I don't believe that the many of you are full on PRO-LIFE. Because that would mean you don't believe in the death penalty or that those who are on death row deserve to die for what horrible things they have done.

  • Her body, Her choice

    I hate the argument that abortion is murder. You can't compare murdering a born, living person, who is capable of breathing on its own and obtaining food on its own to terminating a pregnancy. The child cannot live/breathe/exist/obtain nutrients without the mother's body. It's unfortunate, but it doesn't mean that the mother should have to carry to term if she doesn't want to. She isn't some walking incubator. It is her body first and foremost. She should be able to decide what to do with it. And, for all of you prolifers who talk about how "precious" life: is Do any of you eat meat? If so, that's murder.

  • Of course I am pro-choice.

    A fetus is a part of the women's body. I (as I hope most people do) believe in the right to bodily autonomy. I'm not going to subject a women to the biological torture that is pregnancy if she doesn't want it, women aren't incubators set here solely for the propagation of the human species. People go on about the rights of the fetus, but are pretty silent on the mother's rights. Yes, a fetus is a human, but that doesn't make it a person. It is a bundle of cells with the possibility of becoming a person. If a fetus is a person, I expect pregnant women to be allowed in the carpool lane at all times.

  • Bodily autonomy, Corpse VS Pregnant woman

    There is a thing called bodily autonomy. It's basically saying that a person has control over their body. CORPSES have bodily autonomy. A doctor cannot take a corpse's organs even though they will save lives if the person said no before they died. So prochoice people think that a corpse should have more control over their body than a living breathing person with a personality. Saying that we should take away a pregnant woman's bodily autonomy for nine months is absolutely crazy. Why should a woman have to go through the pain of giving birth when getting an abortion would save her from having to take care of a child she doesn't want?

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mgill22 says2015-04-08T22:36:47.697
You know what's funny to me, I had an argument over this with a friend of mine who was extremely pro-life while I am pro-choice. She told me if you aren't ready to care for a child then you shouldn't be having sex. This friend already had a child mind you who was being taken care of by the father because of her drug habits. Well, she got pregnant by a different man and then had an abortion because she couldn't afford another child. I feel like these pro-life people have the arguments but if they were put in the situation their views may change.