Pro (yes) and cons (no) of privatizing prison in America?

  • Privatize For Sure !

    We have PRIVATE SCHOOLS that we depend our kids' life and future with.
    We have PRIVATE HOSPITALS that we depend our and our loved ones' lives with
    We have PRIVATE COLLEGES where the future of this country and maybe the future of the world is being educated.
    We are all fine with them and arguing about criminals being incarcerated by PRIVATE companies. Come on get real

  • Private Prisons should be banned

    Many private prisons are becoming overcrowded and a center of violence. Not only that, crime is high in the prison, as there is a lack of guards and improper rehabilitation centers. That is why many people who come out of there are up to their old tricks within days. It's more of a luxury than a punishment

  • Prisons Should Stay Public

    No, prisons in the United States of America should not become privatized. Privatizing prisons leads to a profit motive and incentive for those owning the prisons, as most private prisons are paid based upon the number of inmates they house. In several cases, private prisons have bribed judges to convict more people with harsher sentences to fill the prison.

  • Privatizing Costs More

    Privatizing prison's in America is a bad idea. Privatization, while cheaper at first, will only lead to inflated costs later and the corporations that run them seek more profit. We have a full prison system and should not be seeking the expansion of it either, if anything we need to release more inmates in a timely manner, so they are not costing the states money.

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