Profanity are just words or are they more than that?

Asked by: kaister
  • They are more than words.

    Profanity is supposed to show extreme emotions. At least they were supposed to. But now that people are using profanity as daily language, it has lost its meaning. It no longer shows extreme emotions because of people who use it on a regular basis for no reason. I rest my case.

  • Profanity is a human invention, and it's subject to interpretation.

    We invented "bad words". At some point in history, the word we decided is profane might not have been considered profane at all. Language is constantly evolving and growing, it's fluid. What we find profane today may be normal tomorrow and replaced by new definitions of profane. Certainly we deem some words more profane than others already, and it only stands to reason that one day their meaning may change or their level of "badness" may lessen. Part of the argument about time travel is that you'd get back to Medieval England and not a single person could understand you, even though you're technically speaking the same language.
    Anything that is subject to the perception of the beholder is also subject to different perceptions, and it is those perceptions alone that define the thing. When the perception changes, the word itself changes meaning, therefore the word itself is of no consequence. It's like Schrodinger's cat, an atom's state is indeterminate until measured by an outside observer, as indeterminate as a word without the perception of the person hearing it.

  • Profanity is an interesting subject

    Why do certain words get labeled as "profane"? Why do people react in certain ways to certain words? Is this entirely irrational or is there some good reason underneath it all? What makes a formerly profane word no longer profane? What makes a nonprofane word become profane? If I were to just go about asking people if they'd join me in treating a completely normal word as profane just to see if it would catch on what would be their reaction?

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