Professor fired for claiming Sandy Hook massacre never happened: Should institutions be able to fire employees for personal views?

  • If the employee's actions merit being fired

    Employees have their right to their own opinions, and should have the right to share their opinions, however in this case the professor was harassing parents of victims. This goes far beyond their right to having and sharing their personal beliefs. Harassment is serious and I believe the university had a right to fire the professor for his actions, not for his beliefs.

  • Definitely, If that opinion is "Counter" to the views of the institution or the truth.

    Yes there is a conspiracy here, and it is widespread. But with that being said, these are personal views and "subjective" at the very least. We can not afford to have authority figures who are preaching opinions instead of facts.
    "If a lie is told loud enough and often enough; it will become truth"- this is a montra that is very dangerous and misleading.

    Speak the truth, and if this professor has any real evidence; he should be given his position back. Until then, anyone who forces thier unsubstantiated opinion on the youth of America, should not have such a position in the first place.

    If he can not put his money where his mouth is. Fire him, and never let him teach another class.

  • If Opinions are Harmful to Students, A Professor Could Be Fired

    Though every person is entitled to his or her own views and opinions, to state that a documented event in history "never happened" is irresponsible and potentially harmful. If someone who had ties to Sandy Hook and/or the victims of that day were in his classroom, the damage he could do with that statement is grounds for termination.

  • Freedom of speech

    We live in the land of the free and have the right to freedom of speech. Everyone has the right to their own opinion and that applies at the work place as well as anywhere else. He is obviously being discriminated against with his beliefs, which is against the law.

  • Freedom of speech

    I may not agree with what was said but I do support his right to say it; If his comments did not promote a violence or incivilty. Someday I may want my voice hear and everyone may not like what I have to say; just respect my right to say it.

  • Freedom of Speech

    As much as I hate to say it, I don't believe institutions should be able to fire employees for their personal views. We always harp on freedom of speech, and this is a perfect example. We may not like what the professor had to say, but it isn't grounds for termination. We have to respect other people's rights to free speech, at least until it becomes evident that the person is racist, a bigot, or causing intentional harm to the employer.

  • No, institutions should not be able to fire employees for personal views.

    Institutions such as universities should not be able to fire employees for personal views such as religion or general opinions, because that can be considered censorship of ideas. However, the case of a professor being fired for claiming the Sandy Hook massacre never happened is different because that is a factual event rather than an opinion.

  • No, professors sharing their personal beliefs is a way to challenge students and make them form their own beliefs.

    The Professor should not have been fired for sharing his personal belief on the Sandy Hook shootings. While the issue that he shared his belief on is a sensitive one, he is entitled to his own opinion and should not have been fired for sharing it. When Professors impose their beliefs on students, it forces students to have a reaction.This in turn helps students to mold their own set of values, beliefs, and opinions.

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