Professor Stephen Hawking and 150 others state Britain leaving the EU would be a disaster: Do you agree?

  • Britain leaving the EU would be a disaster

    UK's place is in the EU. In my opinion, leaving the European Union would be a disaster for Britain. In my opinion, the European Union is something great. So, I can say that I agree with professor Stephen Hawking and 150 others that state Britain leaving the EU would be a disaster.

  • The Freedom of Britain Leaving the EU

    The EU has proven time and again that it is not doing what it was created to do. Instead of unifying and strengthening the alliance between nations, the EU has failed them. In Britain, the people have watched as their great country has changed and has left them behind due to the implentation and involvement of Britian within the EU.

  • Cons of Britain's Withdrawl from the EU

    Most of the cons from Britain leaving the EU is trade related. The trade industry in the correlation from the EU to Britain would fall. Thousands of jobs could be lost in the switch. If Britain becomes it's own nation, it would also weaken their security and reliability. To me, it would be similar to the Civil War in America.

  • As an American, I agree

    A nation was powerful as Great Britain needs to have as big a say in international politics as it can. I know there would be some benefits to Britain leaving the EU, but if you ask me, the costs, to both Britain and the rest of the Western world, far outweigh the benefits.

    Also, if Britain leaves the EU, it will only divide Britain, because Scotland could end up leaving the UK.

  • Yes, Britain leaving the EU would be a disaster

    Yes, Great Britain leaving the EU would be a disaster. Great Britain is one of the cornerstone countries of the EU. It is one of the most influential. Furthermore, it can use the cooperation of other countries to its own benefit. The EU would not be the same without Great Britain.

  • The E.U has failed at what it was created for

    For the U.K, leaving the E.U would be beneficial. Not only can it trade as it seeks, but it wont have to take immigrants in. England and the rest of the U.K cant take in such a large influx of immigrants like the rest of Europe. And if the U.K needs trading partners, they got not only America but Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the rest of its former colonies that still sometimes depend on trade with them in the first place. And last but not least, the E.U isn't even unified on anything. They know they want to accept refugees but they cant make up their mind on who takes them.

    Its better off for the U.K to worry about its own unity then the rest of Europe's, which has always been divided.

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