Profit-driven society: Does the "invisible hand" solve everything?

  • Yes, the invisible hand allows good products to succeed.

    Yes, the invisible hand solves the problem of allocating resources, because it allows good products that people want to succeed and it also allows things that people do not want to fail. Resources are not distributed efficiently if someone else decides what people should want, instead of what they actually want. There will be a shortage of some things and an overproduction of others. The invisible hand allows everyone to participate in the economy by allowing them to vote with where they spend their dollars.

  • This does not exist

    Its a load of fuckshit man propely that. It's just fucking not true. So fuck you. How could this be true. This is just shit man. How do i give the shit?????? How could it be bloody true???!!!??? Theres only one thing when u read this is it is not FUCKING BLOODY TRUE. It s just bloody shit mate!!!

  • The "invisible hand" does not exist

    Claiming some "invisible hand" exists and secretly guides society toward the right path is superstitious. If that's true, why does this "invisible hand" disappear when governmental and economic policy slightly change against the favor of the major proponents of the "invisible hand"? It's time we stop living in such fantasies and face reality.

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