Profit-driven society: Is a profit-driven society ideal (yes), or should we move away from it (no)?

  • Capitalism is the American way.

    A profit-driven society is ideal because it keeps people
    motivated to work. A profit-driven attracts people from around the world who are
    looking to improve the conditions of their lives. America’s system of capitalism is the envy of
    the world. I don’t think that America
    would even be a superpower if it were not a profit-driven society.

  • Profits help drive hard work.

    A profit- driven society is the only type of society to encourage hard work. Socialism, where everyone reaps the same rewards regardless of effort put forward, is not motivating to hard working people because there is no reason to work harder. Capitalism is the best choice for all people involved.

  • Money makes the world corrupt

    Why did we not have electric cars back when they were first invented?
    Because oil companies control the markets.
    Why are there so many 1st world citizens fallen to the wayside?
    They can't afford advanced schooling, or school supplies, or food, or shelter, or any of the other "Basic" tenants of life.
    Why don't we have the cure to cancer?
    Businesses are making too much money off medical treatments that don't fix the problem. Same with pharmaceuticals, why cure illness when you can simply treat the symptoms with a side effect causing drug that will require another drug to counter it's effect, and another to counter that.
    The pursuit of prophet, drives many to work hard, but it also drives immorality, corruption, and just flat out inhuman desire.

    What would happen to the crime rate if media didn't tell us the only way to fit in is to have the best, and what is the best? What ever our profit driven retail masters feel should be...

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