Program started to make sure no patient dies alone: Is this a good use of healthcare resources?

  • I think the program making sure no patient dies alone is a good use of resources.

    Part of health care is the comfort of patients. If ensuring that no patient dies alone helps to comfort the it is not a waste of resources. Every effort should be made to comfort patients who are nearing the end of their life and ensure that they are not alone.

  • This brings a greater sense of humanity to healthcare.

    I feel that a lot of humanity can be lost in healthcare institutions in a effort to keep care and procedures running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. A program that focuses on the emotional and psychological needs of the individual at a time that is often full of fear and uncertainty, brings that human element back to this sector.

  • We are human.

    Humans are social creatures. We like people. Social interaction is what makes life worth living to many people. For this reason, no one truly wants to die alone. It is a kind, human thing to have another human available when the person is at the end of his life. This is a benevolent way to truly provide care.

  • It's a better use than most things

    At least this program actually does some good to the patients. Healthcare has become so impersonal that it's nice to have a program that ensures that there's an actual human involved at the time of death. It certainly beats filling out another 50 pages of medical information for the insurance companies.

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