Progressive tax vs. flat tax: Are progressive tax systems simple enough?

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  • We need flat tax

    God only asks for 10% of what we make. The government asks for much more than that. The government does not deserve more than what we give God because they're all just crap. Progressive tax system is wrong because of its discrimination, confusing tax brackets, and its discouraging of innovation.

  • Flat Tax Solves Everything

    Everyone is equal and has equal votes in government, so therefore everyone should pay the same tax rate. The reason is simple--people who make more money pay more in taxes anyway. To make things fair, everyone should pay the same tax rate no matter what so that the burden is shared equally by everyone in society. Plus, a flat tax keeps it simple and everyone knows exactly what rate they pay.

  • Confusing tax system.

    Progressive taxes are confusing because it is really hard to figure out what your tax will be and why. There are all different things that have to be taken into account when working with a progressive tax. There is income bracket, which can be divided up into all kinds of different ways, and there are deductions for all kinds of things. This is confusing.

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