Progressive tax vs. flat tax: Are progressive taxes socially valuable?

  • Yes to progressive tax

    It is unjust to force the poor to pay an equal amount of tax as the wealthy. Tax should be relative to the amount of money you have, otherwise the poor may be deprived of the necessary funds that go towards shelter, nutrition, clothing, and education.The wealthy are now paying a smaller tax than 99% of americans, some of which need the money for essentials. They achieved this by a compilation of obscure laws, written by the wealthy people in power who wish to keep their money

  • Valuable Progressive Tax

    Progressive taxes are valuable because the cost of living escalates. Because there is a progression in the cost of living the taxes have to be in sync with that socioeconomic standard. If the price of gas increases then the cost of the taxes to provide the gas should also increase.

  • Flat tax is the most honest solution

    A flat tax is good for everyone. One tax rate which benefits the lowest till highest income. Every income has net more on his paycheck.

    If someone earns more money that is in most cases by a good study, or by an own business. To charges much more on these people is punisch them for succes.

  • Tax Everyone Equally

    Progressive taxes impose higher taxes on those who make more money. This effectively punishes people for earning particular amounts of money. In a truly free society governed by the rule of law, citizens are treated equally under the law, irrespective of how much or how little they earn in income.

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