Progressive tax vs. flat tax: Is constraining CEO pay with progressive taxes a good idea?

  • Companies should be encouraged to cap CEO salaries.

    In the United States, the average CEO makes several hundred times more than the average worker. They also give themselves bonuses of hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, even when the company is performing poorly. Companies should be encouraged to cap CEO salaries and distribute wages more evenly. While a progressive tax is not a salary cap, it is a step in the right direction.

  • Yes, CEO pay is outrageous in the United States.

    Whereas CEO pay in most developed countries is about 100 times as much as the average employee, in America it is several hundred times as much, leaving the top one percent with the majority of the wealth in the nation. Any way that pay can be fairly limited to balance out the wealth is good.

  • YES. It's past time!

    I think it is WELL beyond time to think there should be progressive taxing, We, as a country, have a ridiculously high national debt, and have the most outstandingly high difference between executive and base employee pay. It's embarrassing, and wasteful. If all of the people making over 200,000 a year paid a good, high tax rate, INCLUDING the damned policy makers, we wouldn't be in this situation. Our debt would be managed, and guess what? THEY'D STILL HAVE PLENTY OF MONEY.

  • Consumption drives the economy

    Conduct an analysis of marginal propensity to consume as disposable income rises, and the amount of actual consumption per tax bracket in the United States. I recently conducted this very analysis. Anyone interested in the actual data can message me. The results showed higher average consumption in all tax brackets versus the progressive tax system we see today. Furthermore, the higher classes had a higher marginal propensity to consume in the flat-rate system as opposed to the progressive system. Finally, the flat-rate system produced an increase in overall consumption over the progressive system. The Flat-rate system is the better choice if you want to generate growth.

    Now, if you are solely concerned with moral arguments, and not the growth of the economy, then there is nothing I ca say that will sway you. Redistribution of wealth, in my opinion, redistributes mediocrity across the whole economy.

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