Progressive tax vs. flat tax: Is there public support for progressive taxes or flat taxes?

  • Yes to Progressive Tax

    People who earn more money can afford to give more money than those who are only earning enough to survive. If someone earns $20,000/year and you ask them to give 40% of that to taxes ($8,000) they will only have $12,000/year to live off of. If somebody earns $100,000/year and has to pay 40% ($40,000) they still have $60,000 to live off of. In this example the first person should be taxed less and the second could be taxed more while allowing both of them to maintain a lifestyle fit to their income level. Everybody who works deserves the opportunity to live above the poverty line and the government has no business taking this away from it's citizens.

  • IRS Supports Progressive Taxes, Conservative Orgs Support Flat Tax

    There are competing organizations that support progressive and flat taxes. The Heritage Foundation supports a flat tax while the U.S. income tax system is based on a progressive tax. Flat taxes have yet to be tried in terms of the United States where everyone pays the same rate. Progressive taxes are implemented now--the rich pay a higher rate because they have the ability to pay more taxes than the poor.

  • What sort of question is this?

    Of course there's public support for both as people will naturally have opinions on anything. I personally fall on the side of a (very low) flat tax. The Liberal Democrats in Australia are proposing a 20% flat tax on every dollar above $40 000, which I think is around the right amount.

  • Many Benefits and Tradeoffs To Either

    A flat tax would make the taxation system more fair and predictable. Also, a flat tax would eliminate the need for many of the deductions and penalties which are so destructive to the current tax code. A progressive tax from a moral standpoint makes things more fair and equitable in the minds of many.

  • It's just not fair

    With a flat tax the wealthy still pay more they just do so in direct proportion to how much more they earn. If someone makes 1 mill and pay 20% they pay $200k. If someone makes 50k they pay $10k. They make 20 times less and pay 20 x less. Simple & fair

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