Is prohibiting a person from being in honor roll due to conduct fair?

  • Yes, prohibiting a person from being in honor roll due to conduct is fair.

    When I think of being on the honor roll, what comes to mind in the student that excels not only in academic study, but also one that sets a good example for the other students. Their conduct as well as their grades should be evaluated. These students who achieve this status should be the best group of students in the school.

  • Honor Rolls Reward A Person Based on their Academic Skills.

    It sounds extremely silly to prohibit a person from being in the honor roll all because they don't behave well. The Honor Roll is something that focuses on a student's grades and that was what it was supposed to be. It's not something that focuses on somebody's conduct. Honor rolls don't focus on a person's conduct.

  • Rename it the Academic Achievement Roll

    I can see both sides here. "Honor" has connotations that a person is good. But the "Honor Roll" is based on grades. This sends a message that the smart students are also the good students. I bet if we replaced "Honor Roll" with "Academic Achievement Roll" we'd see less behavior problems from less smart students because you're not reinforcing the idea that less smart students are necessarily bad students.

  • Removing honors does harm more than teach them a lesson.

    Removing someone from the honor role because of his behavior is ridiculous. It does more harm than good by rubbing it in someone's face what he has done. They have already made their decision to act in a way and it thus has led people to have a bad disposition towards them. The grades aren't affected by their reputation or what their conduct is. The only time that honors should taken away is when someone cheats during an exam or does something to boost their mark.

  • It Is Not Fair At All

    If someone has the grades to be on the honor roll, then there should be nothing preventing them from getting that recognition. Preventing this because of attendance is stupid. As long as the student is learning the material and showing that they can be productive while in the classroom, it shouldn't be a problem.

  • No, teachers play favorites

    This is precisely why schools are training a nation of idiots. Children's grades should depend on merit, not how well they suck up to the teacher. However, children's grades should factor behavior into the equation at the early stages. Thereafter, children should gently be given more adult privileges and should be held accountable for their behavior as adults are.

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