Prohibition of school prayer: Does prayer in school lead to faith-based discrimination?

  • It's a waiting disaster

    If you remove the generally accepted image of "good", "kindness", "generosity", etc something fills that void. Because in this case it's good that's being removed, that is by default evil that replaces it. Good becomes wicked, kind becomes cruel, generous becomes greed, etc. the elements of harmony become elements of disharmony, and society suffers for it. Also, i wonder if it was intended, but i find that sleep deprivation of the kind most students have is very unconductive to feeling anything good. It makes me feel less of every "good" trait.....

  • Yes due to human rights.

    I believe that prayer should be included, but not mandatory as this would allow people to sit out and not join in if they don't want to, thus allowing them freedom of religion and not violating basic human rights. Padding because i need more words ignore this bit please thanks.

    Posted by: SOI
  • America is not a christian nation

    Many will argue that the U.S is a christian nation, founded on christian values. This is a blatant lie. Many of the founding fathers were deists, not christian, and they almost unanimously agreed on the freedom of religion. America is a christian nation only by majority. Many will take the argument from here stating that 'majority rules in a democracy'. While the statement is technically true, it does not reflect the united states. A democracy is a system of government where every single ruling supported by a majority is approved. A true democracy is mob rule. America is a constitutional republic, meaning that the government can override a majority ruling. This ensures the protection of minorities, while allowing the majority to be content. America is neither christian, nor is it a democracy. Allotting public funds to religious organizations can not be tollerated

  • Yes, any kind of mandatory public prayer violates the establishment clause

    The first amendment is a critical block in the bill of rights. It clearly lays out the freedom to and from, religion. Any school receiving government funding can not show any religious bias. People have the freedom to bring up their children into whatever cult they please, but the ideals of these cults, which are more often than not, highly questionable, can not infiltrate the minds of children. Keep church and sate seperate

  • No, prayer is free speech.

    No, prayer in school does not lead to faith-based discrimination, because prayer is free speech. The United States was founded on Christian principles. There is nothing wrong with students knowing the traditions that the founding fathers had. Most Americans are still Christians. There is nothing wrong with offering a prayer in school for those who want it.

  • Most religious people are mature enough to understand that everyone has different beliefs.

    I don't believe that people who are isolated to specific schools pertaining to their religion discriminate with others when they get older. Many men and women have been brought up in religious private schools and were very respective of myself as well as others around me. Essentually, the reason school prayer is banned IS because of peoples thoughts on the way the prayers are done as well as who they are praying to.

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