Prohibition of school prayer: Is a pupil able to give or withhold consent for school prayer?

  • A pupil is able to give or withhold consent for student prayer.

    A pupil is able to give or withhold consent for student prayer. Nowadays, when people pray, it is during a moment of silence, and as long as the child stays quiet, they can do what ever they deem necessary. If they need to pray, they can pray. But if they don't want to pray they don't have to.

  • Freedom of Religion

    A very important fact that led to the foundation of the United States was the persecution of religious beliefs. Our forefathers were run out of Britain because they followed a stricter version of Christianity. They were hassled and run off from every continent they landed on until they
    settled here. After some rough times in which they are almost completely obliterated off the face of the planet, they developed means of governing themselves.

    It is this atmosphere that brilliant free merchants and free thinkers finally figured out that everyone should have certain equal and un-alienable rights that includes freedom of religious belief. As long as those beliefs do not cause harm, everything is fair.

    Of course a child, who faces a lot of influences in today’s modern world should have the right to receive prayer if they so choose. Perhaps they lack guidance at home and are seeking for some sort of ‘right and wrong’ in this world. Perhaps their parents encourage faith – in either case, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a little faith.

    As a side note, the question was not set up for a "Agree or Disagree" answer.

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