Pronoia, the opposite of paranoia, is the delusion that everyone is secretly plotting your success. Does this ever happen?

  • Yes it’s possible

    If the person is on a mission and thinks they are out to save the world and everyone wants them to succeed, Just like in a football game everyone is rooting for the quarterback to throw the ball to the running back have him catch it and make the final Touchdown!

  • It’s possible illusion

    If the person is on a mission to save the world it’s possible they may think the world is rooting for them to succeed for the greater good for all, Just as in a football game everyone is rooting for the touchdown the quarterback making the throw the running back catching ball and making it all the way Touchdown!

  • Yes for sure

    You have to be somewhat delusional to find extreme success in this life. Believing that other people want the best for you is one of the first steps toward success. Believe this and you are on your way to greatness! Get it, get it, get it, get it, get it.

  • No, this does not ever happen.

    No, this does not ever happen, at least not to me. I tend to feel that most people are competing with me instead of trying to make me win. The most successful people are those that wish success in others, however. We should all try to push each other further.

  • People are not that nice.

    It's not realistic to think that other people plot success for others. In life, people mostly think about themselves. Unless it's a family member, most people don't care if their friends are really successful. Most people have enough of their own problems to worry about to try to help anyone else that much.

  • Never heard of it

    It sounds like a fun idea, but I have never heard of any such thing happening. Imagine feeling that everyone wanted you to succeed, as if it were some secret plot. That must be the best feeling in the world, and I couldn't imagine the amazing way a person with this so-called pronoia would feel.

  • Pronaia does note happen.

    Pronaia does note happen. Some people may feel that they are entitled to succeed or have lead a life of privilege in which things were easy to achieve, but I can not imagine anyone feeling that the world is out to see them succeed. Humans naturally doubt themselves as well as look to blame outside forces when they fail, both of which NOT lead someone to believe the world is rooting for them.

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