Prop 8 has been dismissed: Should gay marriage be legal in California?

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  • Gay marriage should be legal.

    Gary marriage should be legal all over the world, not just in California. I am surprised that California did not pass gay marriage because I thought it to be a more progressive state. I think that the decision should be repealed and reproposed so as to pass the legality of gay marriage.

  • Gay marriage should be legal in California

    Gay marriage is marriage. Same sex couples are entitled to share in the same protections, benefits and obligations as other married couples. Since the amendment was dismissed, there is no constitutional basis to prevent same-sex marriage. Gay marriages should be as valid and as legal as straight marriages are in the State of California.

  • California Needs Gay Marriage

    California has long been a fairly progressive state, and gay marriage should be allowed within its borders. Other states need to follow suit and allow homosexual couples to marry and receive benefits. States that allow civil unions are simply furthering the discrimination against gay couples that can be seen throughout America.

  • Yes it should.

    Yes. Gay marriage should be and is legal in California. It should be legal in the rest of the United States and the rest of the world as well. There is no valid reason to justify not allowing two consenting adults to spend their lives with a person that they love.

  • Yes It Should

    Being married previously, I do not understand why people are in such a rush to marry. I think gay marriage should be legal across the United States. I think these people should receive the same benefits as anyone else who is married, but remember, filing married on a tax return will make you pay more taxes. So, in allowing gay marriage, the state and the federal government will be charging you more.

  • I come from a father who was gay and unhappily maried just to be politically correct

    I just do not believe that we as a society understand evertything there is to understand about gay people. It just seems like all that we are doing as a society is finding reasons to opress them from rights that they deserve as members of the community as a whole. Growing up in an unhappy home where my father was gay and was just maried to a woman so he could be normal taught me that even gays deserve to be who they are and no one has the right to judge them because there is no one out there that can claim perfection. I would rather have gay people expressing who they are openly than having them conform to something that they are not. My father was forced into depression, alcoholism, drugs and a life of lies because he was not allowed to be who he was openly. To all gay people out there keep your head up and if it makes you happy to be gay be happy!

  • Yes ! Same sex marriage should be legalized now in California .

    The State of California is now required under federal law to revoke Proposition Eight and to proceed with legal same sex marriages because of the recent Supreme Court ruling granting the repeal of Proposition Eight as Unconstitutional by denying people equal protection under the law just because they were not married couples of the opposite sex.

  • Equality in Democracy is Equality for ALL

    With so much of hate, crime and violence in our midst, how can we be against ideals such as marriage which promote love and commitment? If we claim to live in a democracy, it is an absolute violation to not assign equal rights to citizens of our very own country just because of trivial issues like gender. If we really want to be just and law-abiding, we must support these good people to build better lives and grant them the right to equality and marriage.

  • It should be legal in California and the rest of the country as well.

    This morning, the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act as unconstitutional, stating that it is in violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the United States Constitution. In my opinion, the Supreme Court should have ruled the same way for Prop 8, thereby nullifying any state laws prohibiting same-sex marriage. However, I will accept it as a victory that same-sex couples can continue to marry in the state of California. I just hope that the rest of the country will follow.

  • Gay marriage should be legal everywhere.

    The Fifth Amendment states that people should not be subject to unequal protection under law. It is a disgrace that, to this date, only straight people have the protection under law to choose a partner who is allowed to visit them in the hospital, be assigned as a beneficiary of life insurance and pension benefits, and merge assets with. Any law that allows only certain types of people to enjoy those benefits should be ruled unconstitutional.

  • Gay marriage should be neither legal nor illegal.

    Gay marriage should be decided by the PEOPLE involved--not the State, nor anyone in the government. I support gay marriage, I do not support any type of marriage being defined and controlled by the State. The matters of love, marriage and partnerships should only be decided by the people involved and no one else.

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