Proportional Representation: Fairness - Is a proportional representation system more fair than the alternatives?

  • A proportional representation system is more fair than the alternatives, simply because a small group should not outweigh a larger mass in regards to representation.

    Face the facts here, a higher proportion should equal higher representation, a smaller group should not dictate more of the things of a whole mass of people, considering proportional representation merely just makes sure things work to the best interest of more of the whole, instead of fragmenting it into individual interests.

  • Proportional Representation permits greater representation

    As opposed to alternatives in which a candidate wins and the opposing party loses, in a given district, Proportional Representation allows both sides to be represented. This is the best possible scenario for an election, where everyone wins to some extent. This also allows better representation by minority parties, as proportional representation allows a vote for a minority party to count.

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