Proportional Representation: Should a more proportionate system of voting be used to elect political representatives?

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  • Direct Election Works in Modern Times

    Proportional representation worked in less-modern times because votes took time to be counted. In today's ultra-modern society with electronic voting machines and quick tabulations, directly electing representatives is a better way to get the voice of the people heard. Proportional representation leads to far more minority parties in the system. Although the two-party system in the United States isn't perfect, it seems to work more often than not.

  • No, it is important to consider the interests of small states.

    No, a more proportionate system of voting should not be used to elect political representatives, because it is important that the electoral system take small jurisdictions, like small states, into account. It is important that the interests of small states, which are likely different than large states, do not go unheard in an electoral system that is directly proportional. The current system is already proportional to some degree and it is sufficient.

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