Pros and cons of drinking beer: Is alcohol more dangerous than marijuana?

  • Symptoms alone say yes

    Alcohol is known for beer muscles. This can cause fighting or even saying awful things they wouldn't if sober. Weed makes people pass out and not angry(they might be more friendly). Weed rots the brain but beer rots the brain and liver and heart and everything else. Both could cause weight gain, because beer is wasted calories and the munchies make people eat more(often junk) food than usual. Neither is good for employment.

  • Yes; Alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana.

    Marijuana gives people a safer, calmer state of mind; Although each makes people act differently and often times with regret. My dad was a marijuana smoker and it made him calmer, less stressed and relaxed and yes, it was medicinal. Alcohol gave my mom severe road rage and made her angry.

  • Yes, smoking and getting high is better then drinking and getting drunk

    Alcohol has many side effects where smoking pot does not. People that smoke pot mostly do it because of the feeling. Its what their body is use to. On the other hand, people that drink normally do it to get over problems. Or to party, as to getting high. That person can control themselves far more then a person that is drunk. Therefor , drinking alcohol is far more dangerous then that of a person that is high. I for one can drive perfectly fine stoned along with many others out there. People that drink alcohol and try to drive often turn out dead or in the hospital. Because he/ she cannot control themselves properly

  • Yes. I believe alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana.

    Yes. I believe alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana, because of the statistical facts of today's society. Rarely do people die, or experience sickness, because of marijuana. On the other hand, alcoholism is a disease. Not only that, but the also there are thousands of people who die every year from drunk driving.

  • Alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana.

    Alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana. Alcohol affects your judgments and your ability to be able to drive. This in turn leads to many traffic collisions and fatalities on our highways. Smoking marijuana does not do this and does not impede your judgment on driving and does not lead to traffic accidents.

  • Beer is definitely more dangerous than marijuana

    I can speak from personal experience in my youth, the I've come up with some really bad ideas drinking beer or other alcohol. Marijuana never impaired by abilities significantly enough to come up with, and do some of the stupider things in society. Both are choices that people should be aloud to make on their own, but beer is definitely more dangerous than marijuana.

  • Very much so

    Drinking alcohol is much more dangerous than consuming marijuana. If a person drinks too much alcohol, they can get alcohol poisoning or even die. You cannot die from smoking too much pot. If you drink alcohol for a long period of time, you can have many serious health problems, like liver problems. If you smoke marijuana for a long time, you can develop lung cancer, but there are other ways to ingest marijuana that do not cause serious health problems.

  • Yes, pot seems to be more dangerous.

    From all accounts, when used in a controlled environment, pot seems to be safer than alcohol. This may be because alcohol is legal and hence insidious and people do not realize when they are overdoing it. People tend to drive after they drink, but they often stay home to smoke pot.

  • Alcohol More Dangerous

    Alcohol is more dangerous than alcohol because of the fact that it is a legal drug in the United States. Because alcohol is a legal drug, there are more users and that means that the propensity for danger is greater than the use of marijuana. Marijuana also has medical benefits.

  • No, marijuana is definitely worse

    Firstly, drugs have many more effects on people than alcohol. Drugs that are commonly found in people’s systems when in control of a vehicle include Marijuana, Cocaine, Tranquilizers, Opiates and Amphetamines. Marijuana is the most common drug involved with drug driving, it affects people’s concentration and their difficulty in perceiving time (feels like everything is really slow) and distance, which leads to bad judgement, poor reaction time, poor speed control, unable to read road signs, drowsiness and distraction. Cocaine may cause fatigue, however high dosages interfere with judgement and the ability of concentration. Coordination and vision are impaired and there is a tendency of taking high risks. Tranquilizers and Opiates cause drowsiness, bad coordination, loss of memory and slower reaction time. Amphetamines can also interfere with concentration, vision and increase the drivers risk taking. Obviously with all of these effects the driver has very little and close to no control of their driving. All of these drugs mixed with alcohol lead to hospitalization for multiple reasons or death. Alcohol can lead to poor reaction time, concentration, vision and tracking. Although these are similar to the effects of the drugs listed, the alcohol doesn’t have the effect like the drugs do.

    Secondly, drug driving is now more common than drink driving. In 2014 drug driving became more common than drink driving and has been the same since. Between 2010 and 2014, 21% of drivers killed in all types of road accidents had the presence of illegal drugs in their system, while 18% had alcohol. From the data gained from road tests 43% of motorists who died had drugs in their system while 37% had alcohol. Although South Australia is the nation’s leader in drug driving enforcement, 70% of drug related fatal accidents happened in SA. The most drug driving accidents involving a death have a male aged between 20-39 and is now also involving more males aged between 40-50. 90% of drug drivers are male and only 10% is female. The most commonly detected drug in drivers is Methylamphetamine (the active ingredient in Marijuana). Drug driving accidents mainly occur in the evening but still happen throughout the day. The most common type of crash is hitting a fixed object such as a , stobie pole, stationary vehicle, house or tree.

  • No, alcohol is more common, but not more dangerous.

    No, alcohol is not more dangerous than marijuana, because marijuana has no positive benefits. A person smoking marijuana gets high immediately. There is not the same immediate effect that a person who has been drinking alcohol feels. Marijuana is more dangerous to drive under the influence of. Marijuana is also harder to detect, so it is harder for law enforcement.

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