Prostitution: Are resources drained in the fight to enforce ban on prostitution?

  • Resources are definitely drained.

    If a criminal needs to pay for his or her own guilt, the same goes to banning prostitution. Prostitution may lead to certain crimes but it is not the major contributing factor. Why should you ban prostitution if some of the procurers make the choice themselves? Shouldn't we just give more concern to those women who are being seduced?

  • Yes they are.

    Resources are drained in the fight to enforce the ban on prostitution. That fight against prostitution be should stoppped, as there is no reason to stop people from participating in prostitution. If that is what someone wants to do, then they should be allowed to earn their living that way.

  • Yes resources are always drained

    When you are trying to fight any type of crime there are going to be resources drained. Prostitution is no exception to this issue. If you want to fight crime you are going to spend a lot of money time and resources doing so. The key is finding the proper balance between them.

  • Resources are wasted in the fight to enforce bans on prostitution.

    Fighting crimes such as prostitution is an unnecessary drain on resources. Prostitution is a crime that requires the consent of two adults. There is no victim in it. It is silly, therefore, that resources are wasting pursuing people who mutually agreed to engage in sexual activity in exchange for a pre-determined amount of money.

  • Yes they are.

    Prostitution is commonly said to be "the world's oldest profession". Whether this is true or not does not matter. What matters is that people charge for all types of services, and sex should be no different. If a person chooses to charge for this service, they should be allowed. We should stop spending so much money to fight prostitution. So yes, resources are drained in the fight against prostitution.

  • Resources are drained in the fight to enforce ban on prostitution.

    Prostitution is fundamentally a private action. It will always be impossible to enforce laws against it. It is also one of the oldest professions, and it is not going to go away any time soon. The best thing law enforcement can do is to try to alleviate poverty so that people are not forced to pursue prostitution.

  • The underworld of prostitution

    I totally agree with this, there will never be a ban on prostitution, its like with poverty someone has got to be it or do it. So its like the resources have drained in the fight to enforce ban on prostitution its like its now become a hidden accepted not talked about underworld.

  • No, prostitution drains resources

    Resources are well spent in fighting prostitution. Prostitution
    promotes crime. Even where it is legal, prostitution encourages procurers to
    find and seduce young women into wasting their lives. Older prostitutes may turn to
    theft when they cannot get their accustomed fees. Addictive drugs often accompany
    prostitution as well. They are used by prostitutes to dull the pain of their
    situation, and by men who live off women to control their profitable harems.

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