Prostitution: Do feminists support legalization of prostitution?

  • Feminists Support Prostitution

    Many feminists do support the legalization of prostitution. Typically, the argument is that legalized prostitution would empower women in an industry ruled by men. Unfortunately, the truth couldn't be any farther from this idea. Legal prostitution wouldn't empower women; it would still oppress them to no end in the United States.

  • Some but not all.

    Some feminists would support prostitution because it is a woman's body and if they want to sell it then they should be able to. However, this is not just a feminist viewpoint but one held by men as well. I would think that prostitution should be legalized as long as it is safe and can be taxed.

  • From an Econmic Perspective

    Prostration should be legalized because many cities spend a lot of money on enforcing the bans, when the police resources could be better used elsewhere. With our current laws, the cops arrest the offender and the customer. Usually the offender gets put in jail for the night, and is back on the streets the next night, only to repeat the process. Meanwhile, the customer gets a slap on the wrist. I think production should be legalized, like in Ancient Rome. It was confined to brothels, the women had to be checked often for STD's. A similar plan could work today, and safe police resources for more important matters.

  • I oppose it.

    Not because of traditional morality dictating that it's immoral, but because the system is harmful to women. People in prostitution (overwhelmingly women) are most of the time pushed there by harsh outside factors and wish to leave but have no other option. Rape, abuse, and PTSD rates are high in the trade.

    I support the Nordic model--criminalize the person who pays (as they're fueling the system), but help the person who's being prostituted.

  • A true Femininst cannot support prostitution

    Selling of women's bodies reinforces the idea that women have nothing worth while apart from their bodies . They have no other worth while skills. Secondly it also gives men power over women which would definitely have a negative impact on the society . No woman wants their husband, brothers or sons to visit prostitutes . It can be compared to society where freeman and slaves sell their labour side by side with disaster effects . One good example of this was Roman empire where slaves outnumbered the citizens and poor romans could not find any work

  • Prostitution Degrades Women

    Feminists shouldn't support legalizing prostitution because it makes the woman subservient to the man, plain and simple. No one should have to sell their bodies for sex, least of all young women who have had their self esteem crushed. Prostitution is dangerous because it can spread STDs, get women pregnant and lead to an entirely new subculture where runaway women are degraded and used only for their bodies and not their minds.

  • Feminists do not support legalization of prostitution.

    Feminists do not support legalization of prostitution. I think for the most part they are against the legalization of prostitution. Prostitution is a dangerous career to get into for quick money. However, I understand why some women do it when they need the money to provide for their families and put food on the table.

  • Feminists are pro-female, not necessarily pro-prostitution

    Feminists support equal rights for women and many are in favor of better living and working conditions for women. I'm sure some women choose to be prostitutes, but many are forced into it and it doesn't seem a healthy life that would enable most people to maintain their self-esteem, which would be contrary to most principles of feminism. Prostitution exploits women, and exposes them to risk of violence, disease, death and imprisonment. Legalizing it might improve their conditions and lessen some of those risks, especially the risk of catching and transmitting disease, but it doesn't change the overall nature of prostitution or make it a better option for women.

  • Prostituion is immoral

    Prostitution is something I feel should never be legalized here in the States. I understand that we all fall on hard times, yet there are still other ways to earn an income besides physically selling yourself. Without digging too deep, it could lead to so many other health issues for either party.

  • Practical, not dogmatic

    While it is possible to make a theoretical argument that legalized prostitution is giving women control of our bodies, in practice, this could never happen. By and large, those who would wish to pay for sex and thereby dissociate it from loving relationships could not be trusted to control the greed that got them there in the first place. Prostitution by definition is exploitation of women, and cannot be legalized.

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