Prostitution: Do prostitutes choose their profession freely?

  • With the obvious caveat that many are forced into it

    Countless people get into it because they see it as a way to get money when they are in a difficult situation, or simply because they see it as easier than a regular job. Whatever their reasons, women have autonomy to do what they want and choose what they want.

    What happens after they make that choice...? Well, some seem to work fine with it, while many are turned into relative slaves in fear of their pimp, with no route out due to it being illegal, and fearing reprisal from pimps and the law alike.

  • The question isn't really fair as there is still Human Trafficking where many prostitutes do not get to "choose".

    That being said I will answer this as if these are fully willing participants and not sex slaves.

    Yes they choose their profession. It doesn't matter if it is McDonalds, K-Mart, RN or anything else... Just because it's sex doesn't mean they didn't go into it knowing full well what the job entailed.

    Can an MMA fighter choose his/her job freely? How can they when they are being abused... Well they are choosing the abuse, they can stop anytime.

    There are self help programs and Councillors for those that want out and do not want to be part of the "system"

  • Let the girls work

    I believe that prostitutes decide at the beginning that they are willing to do what ever it takes to get money and when they run out of there other options then they just get to it. There are some cases where girls are drugged and forced to sell sex but those are sex slaves and not prostitutes.

  • No, but really the answer is both.

    Many prostitutes "choose" prostitution because they have no other viable options. Many prostitutes were in poverty, had no education, had no supporting family, and were cast out by society prior to their work in the sex industry. Statistics concerning human trafficking/prostitution are not very reliable, but there are high percentages of women in prostitution who confess to their lack of desire to be in prostitution. Unfortunately, some women do really choose out of their own completely free will to become a prostitute. There is a documentary on Youtube called "Godly Prostitutes" about prostitutes in India. This is a good source to hear from the women and men who see no problem with their "profession". The documentary also shows the prostitutes who changed their opinion on prostitution too late.
    Prostitution is legal in many countries including all of Europe, most of South America, Canada, Australia, and Mexico. However the legalization of prostitution has been proven to increase human sex trafficking, violence, and rape rate in the area. Legalization of prostitution does not make it right. An industry based around the sexual exploitation of women and constant violation of human rights should not be accepted. Prostitution is often simply paid rape. Though a fraction freely choose prostitution, we should be informed about the vast majority who would escape if they really thought that they would make it.
    Prostitutes are victims; whether they are victims of brainwashing, violence, force, coercion, hopeless circumstances drug addiction, or naivety, they are all victims in my opinion.

  • No, I disagree prostitues did not chose their profession freely

    No, prostitutes do not choose their profession freely. First of all, I dont think there is a girl in the world who wants to become a prostitute. It is just sometimes life is so tough that they have no other choice and they become prostitute. Also in most countries it is illegal to work as a prostitute, so there is no way to talk about freedom for their choice. Some girls are even forced to become prostitutes. It is a very difficult subject and needs to be discussed whether or not to make it legal in order to protect their rights

  • No they do not

    Why would a bitch wanna be a prostitute dat make no sense like okay yea let me pop da fleek ass pusssy just for money as if there aren't more decent jobs like being a stripper. Stripper jobs is decent cause all u gotta do is shake ya ass on da nigga

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